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    Selling level 93 l 99 hunt and cook l Fire cape! l 3 letter name l going for 6mil!!Selling this amazing account! stats: Bank: Login: Some things about the account: not email login! Three letter name! Decent stats Fire cape Ex zerker Price is 6mil for this account! Can provide all INFO for the account! we will use a Free MM,or you pay Fees!level 63 combat pking pure! PP or RSGPWell here is what I am offering. It is my current pker. I love this thing I have won quite a many battles with it. It can be an obby mauler, gmauler, or what I mainly use it as: D clawer. 60 att, 74 str, 50 mage, 50 Range, 31 prayer, 55 slayer (can use Slayer Staff), and 64 hp. Only shitty thing is it has 4 def. Luckily it in total only raised it by 2 combat levels but meh. I am selling it because I got love you over by a friend and lost a majority of my bank (my main and this guy) including dclaws etc. thus I am not really interested in playing anymore. That is why this account has about 5m on it. The account has not been quested at all and it also has membership until september 6th. I will include the email account and all recovery information (ISP, PWs, RQs, etc.) I am accepting preferably PayPal (sent as gift) or if nothing else I will take RSGP which will wind up being sold lol. here are some pictures and proof. I dont really know how much I want for the account so please post offers. I will only go first for trusted users, or we get a middle man. Please contact me via PM and/or my : [email protected] Thanks. Pictures:Selling level 94 Barrows Pure l 99 Range / 70 Def / 85 Str / 94 Magic / 99 HunterAlright guys this is one of many great accounts im selling at the moment (I dont have the time to open any kind of store so ill post them separately) I can safely say this is a top notch account when it comes to pking in the wildy, not just that but its also a great money maker.. I just have a fair few accounts laying around that i dont play anymore and id rather just focus on one account. This account comes with full void with all 3 melee, ranger and mage helms. All the pictures below should cover mostly everything but if your interested or want to ask a question please feel free to pm me. I WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING ANY SWAPS SO I HAVE ENOUGH ACCOUNTS AND I WONT BE ACCEPTING ANY OFFERS LESS THAN 40M. THERE IS NO A/W Let the bidding commence(buying) any account with 1 def AND 80+ dung (buying)title says all .... account must be 1-5 defence && have 80+ dungeoneering .... i prefer if the account has tokens or c maul ... i will be paying VIA alertpay .... alertpay is just like paypal & i cant use paypal ... willing to spend 20-30$ alertpay for those who dont know what it is .. add my : [email protected] add my : [email protected] add my : [email protected] lvl 90 rs brids1188.photobucket/albums/z404/savezenge1/ copy for the pics of the account, i wanna just do an offer for now mainly looking for money on paypal... will give the details for the account i am the original owner all legit stats, bunch of love you veteran cape, yeah jsut look at pics thx.(buying) any 1 def account with 80+ dung (buying)Title says all .. Must be 1 def .. With 200k+ tokens or C maul I'm paying via ALERTPAY as I cannot use paypal ... Alertpay is pretty much the same thing. I'm not stupid I NEVER go first unless u have 50+ vouches Omm on ur cost or free trusted mm. Spending 20-30$ : [email protected] add me don't post ... If u can't add me for sum reason just pm me ur ..[RSGP][SWAP]Mains,Pures,Hybrids[RSGP][SWAP][email protected] I am the original owner of each account. I am willing to sell them for RSGP or Swaps (pures only) I will not go first. We will use an OMM at your expense or a highly trusted free MM (you must find.) Serious offers only. A/W unless someone offers higher before I see that someone has hit the A/w If Bank picture isn't posted then the account doesn't have much on it. You can barter/haggle. Will add more accounts when I remember their names. Any questions? Ask here. PM me. Message me on Live. account1: Main A/W 30M112cb account2: Range/mage/def 97cbA/W 40M account3: Failed pure 96cb A/W 20MIL account4: Mager 79cbA/W 10M account5: turmpure in progress 30cbA/W 15M If there's anything else, let me knowMaxed chaotic turm pure. ( 1 2 3)Hey I know its wrong place as combat is 103+8 but i was looking in other section and there all zerks so i feel my pure for sale belongs here. Right I've decided to sell my main pure i play, as i no longer wish to play a pure at such high combat as only reason I still do is for the pure clan i'm in. But now ive made a baby pure i will be using that and hoping to sell this with/without wealth for some money for it rsgp or paypal My is [email protected] Account is fully quested e.g. has curses, done dt, has rune gloves, full zammy and guthix book, but need to go collect from lighthouse Only thing it doesn't have is defenders. It has Chaotic maul/cbow/rapier, and also rigour, + fire cape and coloured robin. I consider myself 100% legit, so if you plan to buy you should have no worry about me scamming or anything like that. Willing to use trusted omm at your expense. Offer with or without wealth. Bank: Around 160m, can purchase with or without. Stats: Login: I can provide recoveries.
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