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    selling perfect quested zerker!93str barrow gloves,177qp,hc,dt,lunars 94mage rsgpwilling to go second selling a pro zerker 91cb offences : stats : log in :[Buying] 60Atk 80+ Str, 80+ Range SkillerHey guys, I'm buying an RS account with 1 DEF 60 Attack, 80+ Strength, and 80+ Range, Mage and Prayer are an extra. Leave pics and offers. No untrustable members.Selling level 66 Pure 92 str [RSGP] ( 1 2)Title says all post offers. No bank pin or recoverys. Vouchs: Quote: Originally Posted by euro-case Thanks. Trade Me went first on a 68m trade, enjoy ur account! Quote: Originally Posted by shadownacho Vouche! bought account! we used mm! Quote: Originally Posted by FailedPure MMed a account for 35 mil trade was smooth My email address. [email protected] 67 99range, 99mage ( 1 2)I'm looking to sell a CB lvl 99range and 99mage 1 def ^skills. Name is Peace an Joy Bid starting at 20mil Sold at 35mil[RSGP] Boss G Maul Rusher for Sale! Only 63 Combat! [68 Dung] [94 Magic] [80 Str]SOLD!Selling lvl 70 99 range pure wild tier 5Hello I'm selling my lvl 70 99 range pure if your intrested, since i'm knew to this i will go first. I only take serious offers if your op.. leave.. has membership till 1/8/12 Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling lvl 94 EPIC pk accountLVL94 GOOD PK ACCOUNT[RSGP] CBT STATS QUEST's PK ITEMS add my on Osva_king1 for more information and to make the deal [RSGP][RSGP] 76 and 70 [Never Botted]Account 1: C/B: --- A/W: 30m Mage based / range tank (needs work) NEVER BEEN BOTTED Account 2: C/B : --- A/W: 30m Strength Pure. Defence is not all quested. But to quest it to zerk you would only be like 1 cb level higher than true zerk status. NEVER BEEN BOTTED
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.