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    - Selling 85 STAKER - 80 Attack | 80 STRENGTH | 71 DEFENCE - [RSGP] RAPIER STAKERHey there,I'm back with one more account,PM ME IF YOU INTERESTED STARTING BET 20M A/W 40M NO REQOVERIES,NO EMAIL WAS SETTED Contact me via PM PLEASE FOR OR INFOselling lvl 75 pureselling this lvl 75 for rsgp or $50Lvl 67, 99str r2h purei1191.photobucket/albums/...1/picture1.pngStats: Combat:67 Hp:88 Attack: 40 Strength:99 Defense: 1 Range: 90 Prayer: 1 magic: 85 Could i get some reasonable offers in RSGP or IRL cash? Thank you :)Bad love you "1" def pure for saleHey. after a bank loss of 1800m i decided to quit playing runescape. If your trying to scam then you can close this page already. and the serious people can continue reading. Well. hello everyone as i wrote just above i lost loads of staking and i'm bored of runescape. So why not let the account move on to someone else and get some money for it lol. This account is a "1" def pure with actually failed 4 def thanks to previous sell attempts. I'm NOT going first no matter what. If you don't want to trust me YOU will pay the Fee for a OMM My account is Fully quested for the possibly Requierments i Have. Dt RFD etc. are all done all neccesary questing for a badass pure is ALL done i have a rank of 300 in the MA minigame. i've lost my berserk ring sadly. but there is warrior seers and archer (I) on the account and i have enough points to enchant a berserker aswell so you dont need to no life that crap game. there is aswell maybe 5m junk in the bank (rings included) that you could sell. There is also email registerd and Recoverys Set. i will remove those ONCE i get a serious Buyer. i got all previous details Etc. i'm the first and ONLY owner of this account, it also got some event item's such as santa suit. Broom Warlock outfit easter carrot. can't remember what else i got. Item's Picture Adventure's Log I'm looking for offer's id rather not accept Rsgp but if i get a good offer ill take it. I'm not taking paypal unless you are trusted. And as i said NOT GOING FIRST UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES Post your and i will add you if you are intrested btw the account is 79 cb[Rsgp] Fully Quested Rune Turm Pure 40 Def/Cheap.. ( 1 2)Hello guys, i am aware that i am new on sythe so i would love to use a Omm but if you could please pay, i would like to sell this acc for around 120M as i have spent over 150M on pray and the other stats have been trained so i think 120M is pretty fair, if u wish to contact me just add me at [email protected] Heres some pics. Recoveries/Email: Stats: Turmoil: lvl 75 range tank pkerHello this is my third account I'm selling. this account i spent alot of time on but found that i haven't played that much on him so im selling him. i will NOT go first. been scammed too many times. i will sell him for 18m+ or swap him for another account (preferably another pker). if i forgot anything let me know.Pure - 80Str 60 atk 82range 72mage W atmSelling level 78 Chaotic Pure![Rsgp][Fire Cape][99 Magic][Chaotic Rapier]Account resold
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