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    selling 3 good accountsSelling an unused pure I dont need anymore i dont play it so dont see point in having.....dont mind the offer as long as its reasonable. Offer up i guess, here are pics: Also a range tank that i havent played in about 3 years, here are some pics: Finally my last account.. 70 def barrows pure, pics: THIS ACCOUNT ALSO HAS A SICK OG 4 LETTER NAME AND OLD RS CLOTHES U CANT GET ANYMORE! Well offer guys! RSGP/Paypal. Obviously highest offer wins. Sorry about being newcomer but i hope i can be trustedSelling good accountCOntact me at [email protected] Ill sell this account for runescape money paypal or good skillers[ RSGP/Paypal] Selling amazing 107 zerker, 99 prayer Curses 90+ combat stats!Hello all im selling this turmoil zerker. I DO NOT ACEPT ACCOUNT TRADES. I DO NOT GO FIRST. I do not expect you to go first either, if you want to thats fine with me, but if not i'm more than happy to use a trusted MM , ive been on this site long enough to notice theres a few FREE trusted mm, so dont try saying i have to pay for one. Right, onto the account, Has a bank of around 20m ( if paying with rsgp can either add 20m or ill transfer it off) Some nice stats and quests completed. 6 qp's off barrows gloves. i have all prev info, MM can do a recovery test if needed.[RSGP] Raymond1992's account shop! Awesome mains, tanks and pures.[RSGP]Current bids: Account 1: 100$/200M ----- Gold4fun offered me 130$/260M Account 2: ---/ ------------ Gold4fun offered me 40$/80M Account 3: 20$/40M / -------Gold4fun offered me 35$/70M Account 4: 15$/30M Account 5: --- SOLD to XRATIOX! Account 6: --- Account 7: 6$/12M None of my accounts have recovery questions! They all have email wich will be changed to urs when you buy Happy bidding! Account 1: Level cb 137 - Turmoil, Overloads, Packyak , CLS Extra info: About 50 overloads. 100 extremes of each left. Full void, melee and range. Fighter helm. Chaotic longsword. Arcane steam necklage. Stats: Quests: Veteran cape and other stuff: Loggin screen: Offence history: Account 2: Awesome cb 113 pker! 95 atk/97 str/97 mage! combat 113. Stats/bank: Quests/bank: loggin screen: Offence history: Account 3: Combat: 106 f2p 99 range tank/main idk what you want to call it. Has torso, f cape, d defs and full void range/melee on it. Bank and stats: Bank and quests: Loggin screen: Offence history: Account 4: Combat 82 F2P Started 45 defence pure, mm done. rune gloves. Bank and stats: Bank and quests: Loggin screen: Offence history: Account 5: SOLD! to XRATIOX combat 76 starter corrupt pure, MM done, DT done. Stats: quests: Login screen: Offence history: Account 6: Combat 89 main? mm done.. About 1.5m member items on it. Veteran cape Bobble hat. Bobble scarf. Tri-jester hat. Tri-jester scarf. Jester hat. Jester scarf. Woolly hat. Woolly scarf. The set: Stats: Loggin screen: Offence screen: Account 7: Combat 95 f2p.. Dt, mm done.. some items, see for youself! nice woodcutting thoo Bank and stats: Bank and quests: Loggin screen: Offence history: Thanks for watching! Raymond1992>>>>>>>>low combat with 94 mage must lookshowthread.php?p=9061248#post9061248Selling amaizing pure !! ( 1 2)Hey I`m sellig my pure as in gonna focus on my main, paypal or rsgp accepted only.Im first owner and got all information of it.We will use omm.Thankyou. , Dt Ready , Mining is now 60+ ! .. Horror from the deep ready with zammy book filled..[CHEAP] [PP] [RSGP] LEVEL 90 RAPIER STAKER! 81 Dung 80 def 1 pray 1 summon[PP][RSGP]Hey guys, Today im selling this level 90 rapier staker with 1 pray 1 summoning and 81 dung. I havn't really used this account in a while and i wanted to sell it for turmoil on my pure. Im selling this via Paypal or Rsgp. I value rsgp at .50/M. I will not be going first unless you have lots of vouches/trusted or your a mod. The recovs and email will be removed when i have a serious buyer. Also dont try to scam me im not that dumb. I can also provide all the recovs if needed. A/W: $40 Paypal 100M Rsgp S/B: $20 Paypal, 15M Rsgp These are not the prices i want but of what i preferr, nothing lower than $20 and $50 just for an automatic win. once again they do not have to be these prices, trying to at least get around 35-40 dollars. Stats/Account/Login: It has no blackmarks on it. Contact Me: : [email protected] Personal Message : Brazzaaz Happy bidding :)selling lvl 92 zerker with full voidselling lvl 92 zerker with full void [PAYPAL ONLY]
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