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    FunForRunescape's 99 Mage Account ShopTo Bid: Code: Account #: Bid Amount:Current Winning Bid's Code: Account #1: 1M by Starting Bid Account #2: 1M by Starting BidAccount #1 and #2 were both created by me and I am the original owner, no recoveries are set. If you need more information, feel free to ask. Bidding will go until 10/13/2011. Each account will not be sold if it does not hit 15M and if you are going use PayPal, you will either go threw a MM or threw playerup with a +9% fee, or you can pay the MM fees. -Thanks PhasecodeLevel 83 chaotic pure | Chaotic maul |Original owner is sythe OMM ( 1 2)Quote: Originally Posted by Burnley if this is ko_e******* then i am the orig owner i sold it garyuk2003 and gray sold it him Hey guys I'm selling this pure for RSGP and thats it. This account was originaly owned by "Burnley" And i will not sell till he has verified it on my thread. He's not on right now. I'm taking offers for this acount right now, will make an A/W very soon. If you want a safe trade with no problems this is you're chance. Please no offers below 50m all will be reported. A/W is 40$ or 75m : [email protected] Thanks guys![RSGP] Selling lvl 84 Pker/Skiller.I'm selling a level 84 pker/skiller. He has a Torso, Dragon defender, and other cool items. It use to be a pure but now i just use tank armour and range/dds when i pk. Stats: Attack:68 Strength:73 Defence:60 Ranged: 73 Prayer:43 Magic:48 Constitution:72 Agility:32 Crafting: 41 Fletching:27 Slayer:21 Woodcutting: 85 Only 15 questpoints. :/ Make any offer for this account! thanks!3 letter Name-Cb 62- 3 99's-gilded altarSelling a level 62 with 3 99's woodcut/fletching/firemaking and a gilded altar it also has a 3 letter name Min Bet/Offer is 40M RSGP and A/W is 100M RSGP add me on - [email protected][RSGP] Selling account 82 Mage Dt MM done [RSGP]Selling hybrid account offer( RSGP)(PP) Selling Epic SW F2P Zerker (RSGP)(PP)hey everyone i here to sell this awesome SW F2P Zerker it has no email or recoverys i am the only owner of this account i will not be going first i will take RSGP or PP post offers here it has a bank pin witch i will give to the buyer of the account it is a email login an i have the email that was used to make the account the buyer will get the password to that email aswellGood Zerker swap for main ? GO LOOK THREADHey i will swap my zerker for a great main or tank or pure : [email protected] : Rsmarket2[rsgp Only] Zerker 99 Fishing 99 Fletch 90 Str 94 Range Other High Stats!So here we have for sale a zerker pure I had as a skiller from level 3 Pretty much going to cut to the chase, great account, good stats one issue is 43 defence purely because i ran out of membership before i got around to doing fremmy trials so if you dont mind that this is the account for you! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The 99's alone put it in good steed for value, and as such im setting an autowin of 50m, probably lower just make a bid and see, and please, only post on this thread or pm me. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Now before it gets too late and there are any dramas, i do not know the recovery questions, although in saying that i know 3-5 previously used passwords, ip addresses, and the email will be transfered to yours upon purchase, and also, unless you are very trusted, i will not go first, at all, so now that weve gotten that out of the way heres the pics; -----------------------------------------------------------------------
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