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    Selling RS Account Combat 67I'm selling a Range Tank, if you need more information you can add me on : [email protected] Recoveries: Yes E-Mail Registration: No Starting bid: 5m Auto-win: 15m I do not accept PayPal, just RSGP. I will not swap for any other accounts either.Looking for specific accountsPrefferably a gmauler -1 def -Avas -Decent stats, Prefferably higher strength -quested(dt i would like) -wealth i dont care too much, as ill just buy gp. -membership currently on the account. anything like this or spot on, just post here, looking at all, will not go first to most, looking for trusted, vouched sellers. have 50m to spend. MAX88CB 99Range 94Mage With veng&ancientsLooking for offers above 100mill. Willing to use a MM at my expense or if you have alot of vouches i will go first. Also willing to show you revo's and test them and even willing to let a MM hold on to the account for 14 days to let your recovs kick in. PM or me [email protected] Level Brid-type account [GP/PP]Hey guys. I've decided to dump another one of my random accounts again. Highlights - 97 F2P combat Monkey Madness Fremmy trials Chaotic CrossBow Veng 99 Ranged 96 Mage 95 HP 90 Strength Rips the wilderness apart - Chaotic C Bow/venge + tort. I've gotten 4 kills with one invent before =p Can be used as a nat bot or a frosties bot. 27M XP in ranged Does not have - DT B gloves There is no A/w - GP would be preferred, PP if your trusted. NO SWAPS AT ALL EVER. Offer a swap, and I'll report you. There WILL NOT BE A POSSIBILITY of a swap. Here's some pics - Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling Starter Main with Marionette, Easter ring & Wooly hats11bhlrd.png"Lvl75-99range-99mage-99herb-cstaff-ccb-arcane-fully quested-1def[PP only]Hey, I've stopped playing runescape and have been trying to sell this account. I'm the original owner of this account and will provide all info. Unless you have 30+ vouches or are willing to pay for OMM, I WILL NOT GO FIRST (not negotiable). I'm looking for PayPal payments only. WILL NOT TAKE RSGP OR SWAPS. Account is great for bridding and pking. Comes with everything on the pictures. No longer member, I'll change email to buyers email if recovery test is done through OMM. add me on , [email protected] to talk or post here. SB: Auto Win:
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