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    lvl 63 pure for sale! rsgp! awesome nameFor sale I have a lvl 63 ancient hybrid. 60 attack, 66 strength, 1 def, 76 ranged, 80 mage, 43 prayer, 69 hp 64 mining-easy money making Done with most pure quests- lost city, monkey madness, desert treasure, animal magnet, hfd! fair on price, send me an offer! Ill show pictures upon offergreat deal! must see! cb lvl 83 pure!this is my pure. i am quitting runescape and wanted to make a little money for all the time i put in. im selling this by pay pal. price:$60, willing to negotiate. i will let you go on to the account to look at it. then decide if you want to buy it. if you buy it, when i see the money on my pay pal i will trade over the 50mil from this non-member account (baker4747). it has Mith Gloves/ DT/ Book of Balance/Animal Magnatism. also has all the requirements for addy gloves. just need to do the quest! please trust me! i will not scam you! i just want to get a little money out of the time i put into runescape. here is the account all this stuff will be included with the account! this account got a 24 hour mute febuary 2, 2011. for offensive language. there is the account. if you are intrested then please comment below and we can talk prices! e-mail me at [email protected] or post on here! thanks![PayPal] Level 73 Initiate pure - $10 [PayPal]I have a level 73 initate pure for sale. It has monkey madness and recruitment drive complete. If you are interested in the account please message me on : [email protected][RSGP] Lvl 85 zerker pure! 99 magic, 80 range, 83 str! [RSGP]Hey i'm selling this awesome zerker pure! No recoveries or email: Stats: Quests done like desert treasure, monkey madness etc. : Please post your offers below. I'm willing to go first if i think that you're trusted enough, or we could also use an OMM, splitting the fees, or the easy solution, you going first Please post here before adding my so i can confirm who i'm speaking to. - N0t-L3g4l[RsGp]Awesome Morg Staker Won 500m+ ( 1 2)closed[RSGP] Perfect Pure Fully Quested No Black Marks [RSGP]Perfect Pure that could easily be turned into a dung pure This account is fully quested, 81 combat and can easily get a chaotic weapon using rsbuddy for like 5 days.Has no black marks on it. : [email protected] barrow/main for zerkersythe/showthread.php?t=1132614 starting barrow pure stats quested out i would say besides maybe the newer ones nice amount of charms that could prob get 70 all skills 50+ full void DT Veng im looking for a nice zerker like 90 str with 94 mage and quested out will take a nice initiate pure too if it comes with a little wealth[100+ Vouches]Cmbt 83 Raiper Pure[RSGP,WU]My Chaotic Pure Proggie! Thanks To Bots I Have 4 Def , 31 Prayer Was Intentional. Why Am I Selling It? I'm Tired Of Botting Runescape Now, Leaving My Computer On All Day And All Night. Combat Level 83 Lead Bid:??? Auto Win:300M RSGP $150 Cash Money I Bought Upgrade With My CC, Will Provide Necessary Information. Never Set Recovery's/ Email. No Swaps Thanks!
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