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    1 lvl away from maxed pure;)-will swap or RSPGGood account made alot of money off of it just time to sell or swap for a good staking/pk pure 40m---offer 35m ill take;pMaxed PURE albums/...ureforsale.png s1125.photobucket/albums/...ureforsale.pngSelling Level 82 Rune PureSelling Level 82 Rune Pure. The payment methods that will be accepted are. -Money Pak Card -RSGP -Paypal I know most people will not trust me obviously because i have about 2 post. So we will get a mm no matter what so both of us feel safe with account. Also this is my account i created it and can give the complete info for everything on this account. my is: [email protected][RSGP][PayPal] Selling My Zerker ! [RSGP][PayPal]Sold Guys To ''Need_To_Try'' Gl m8! --- CLOSE THREAD.[92 CMB,50 DEF] [92DUNG,RAPIER,ARCANE STREAM,CHAOTIC MAULl][+5M BANK][NICE STAKER]Hello all Sythe Members again! Hello Again All Sythe Users,Today I Finally want Sell my Dung Staker,its 50 Def for Rapiering in Duel,he got nice name who cant look up your dung and other love you,so If you interested ask any Questions there please. Why I'm Selling this account? I Finally Sold all my accounts on my other account store,so I wanna do one small Sale again Account was botted dung just 61-70,after that I done it by my hand with my mates in Party mode,so you can play smooth and legit,account never was reseted or something,its created for PKING,STAKING. I got all Info about account,email used,recoveries,zip or Post code,so dont be afraid to get account recovered,account dont have any Info setted,reqoveries removed,email deleted. How to contact me? [email protected] all time on Messenger What offers I'm accepting? Only Paypal or Runescape Gold Starting bet is 20M A/W not setted at this time If you got more Questions about account or something more Ask there,Pm or Messenger. Goodluck!Selling Maxed PureSelling my account because i just lost like 1.1bil staking. No time to rebuild and growing out of rs. s1125.photobucket/albums/...ureforsale.png s1125.photobucket/albums/...ureforsale.png[Paypal] Selling lvl 98 acc, 93 str! [Paypal]selling a level 98 account, 93 str, 81 range, 95 mage, 75 attack, and 52 prayer! i will do an account swap! add me on if interested or just reply or pm me [email protected] to swap a lvl 98 for a rune pure!i have a lvl 98 kinda rune pure that i dont like, i want a good rune pure, reply if interested or you can add me on , [email protected] my acc has 93 str, 75 att, 95 mage, 52 pray, 47 def.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.