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    [250+ Vouches][80+ Acc's Sold] Lvl 79 Pure | Range & Mage 99 | Str 91| 20M+Pure ItemsSOLD! For more accounts visit my account shop. ThanksSelling Turmoil Pure|40def|95pray|91dung|Dgloves|RSGP| ( 1 2)Turmoil pure Noticeable Stats and achievements - 97 strength. - 95 prayer - 91 dung - D gloves. - 94 magic. - Spirit shield. - FULLY QUESTED Rules + Pricing - I only accept Rsgp - Starting bid: 50m - Asking price: Unsure atm. - Im open to use a middle man. - Please post offer + . PicturesZerker!99str/45def/75atk/82range/80mage!Hello.I selling good zerker.I want usd or RSGP.Or best offer is 3Month upgrade. Email is removed.I orginal owner.I got all info. acc is not quested alot.just 42q points.Monkey maddness is done.Lost city.Smoking kills and etc.. My : [email protected][PP]Maxed Pure 2k Total Lev(99 Summon 99 Herblore 85 Slayer 1 Defence) 38B Wealth[PP]Getting verified before postingSelling |3 SPACE NAME PURE|FIRECAPE|QUESTED|NEARLY 99 RANGE.Hey guys, I'm selling my pure! My stats are 60|82|1|96|52|95! For this trade, |PAY-PAL, OR RsGp!| OMM AT YOUR FEES, Don't try and scam me, it won't work seeing as I am 21 years of age. Done all pure quests, |DT|MITH GLOVES|FIRECAPE|1 DEF|3 SPACE NAME|FULL GOD BOOKS| Price bets starting at 15M & $10.00AUD - Auto win 100M OR $80.00AUD My email to talk ; [email protected] (6 "O"s not zero, Do not be fooled)Amazing level 96+6 99 str zerker, (rsgp)autowin-60m the account does have recoveries/. They will be removed im semi-new to sythe but not an love you email: [email protected] the zerk only has mith gloves, but other then that its great, it has lunar/dt done etc..Selling A NICE Rune Pure!!!! [RSGP] ONLY! ( 1 2)Hello I am currently selling my berserker pure to the best offer in RSGP I can get these are some pictures: A/W: 15M RSGP/13$ PAYPAL Start Offering We can use OMM/MM at your expenses, along with a recovery testSelling A NICE Account! [RSGP] ONLY!Selling a nice account the account has no recoverys and i will change email to yours during the trade. I will not go first unless you are very very very truested and i deem you so... and here are some pictures: Starting bid/10m RSGP A/W: 20m RSGP HAPPY BIDDING
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.