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    (swap) 105 barrows pure with 98 str for range tank/zerkerswapping my barrows pure for a range tank or a zerker pure around level 80-95. account has 2 drag defenders and addy gloves stats are 80att 98 str 70 def 89 hp i will go first if u are trusted if not u go first or OMMSelling Pure with 90 Strength, 97 Range and 96 Magic.Info about the account - No recoveries - No email registered - No black marks - No bankpin - I will go first to trusted members else we use Omm. Picturesselling lvl 92 tankerselling rs acc lvl 92 tanker with 45 pray 86 craft 70def 99range .. ingame user::void pke3r look it up on highscore i accept rs cash or rs items.. my is ::[email protected] tank ranger/zerker with veng (pp)look for a decent pure around lvl 85-95 must have veng and 90+str or range handcannon quest prefered if range must have rfd up to rune or better for zerker spending up to $70 -i will go first if u are extremely trusted -we can use OMM you pay fee's -you go firstLiam_00_7 Account Shop! :DAccount #1 This is a Starter Main: Login: Stats: Account #2 This is a 20 defence pure Login: Stats: Both Accounts come with no Email Registered, No Recoverys Set and have no black marks Offer Away People :3[Amazing] 1 Def Hybrid with all Quests/Great Stats [Legit]Hello I am here to sell my one def pure. It is perfect for pking and has all the quests done for an awesome pure. It had mith gloves, Dt, Animal mag, Death plateu. I am the one and only original owner. I no longer play runescape and havn't for the past seven months. I need money for my home recording studio as I spend my time making music now rather then killing dragons. If you are interested my aim is [email protected] and my is [email protected] I will be accepting money through paypal only.[RSGP/PP] Buying pure with high melee stats + HPClosed, ended up buying a pure from my friendBuying staking pure!Basically, I want to buy an account to stake with at low lvls to win some money staking. : [email protected]
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