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    BUYIN AN BEAST [email protected]$#@q#!rules: I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNDER ANY CONDITIONS hHEY IMB UYING A BEAST ACCOUNT $300. IDC WHO ARE U OR WHAT U ARE AND HOW MANY VOUCHES U GOT IDC SRSY I CANTCARE LESS. A SCAMMER IS A SCAMMER, ALL I WANT IS A DECENT ACC THAT CAN PK FOR GODSAKESSpending £60 on a 1 deffence pure.Post Offers + in Thread.[PAYPAL]Selling a lvl 76 PURE 94 str,85range,84mage,52pray,60att[PAYPAL]Great account I've pked like 5 claws with it made over 300M staking the 2nd day the wildy came back. 1 summoning so it is a good staking/pking account, fun to play on give me offers add [email protected] or msg me. EDIT: Now accepting RSGP. I can get the account a firecape for extra money, you can use welfare gear. account has addy gloves.Buying a staker!!!!!!Either a rapier staker, dds staker, mage staker, tanker. MUST have 1 prayer and 1 sum. Let me know what you have.Selling lvl 86 ranger [PP]Hey, i'm selling this account because i no longer play it and would like to get something out of it post any offers and ure and i'll add you if i'm online i only accept pp and i WONT be accepting rsgp as i'm to lazy to resell yeh i know i just registered and 1 post but i plan to do much more on this site from now on hope this doesent put you off to much my original goal was a range tank to pk on but i got bored, i'm the original owner of the account If you have any questions ask and i'll answer them for you will only go first if i deem the buyer trusted or you pay fees for an OMM acc has like 10 days of members left or something Quests to note: -90+ Quest Points -DT Done -RFD Upto Addy Gloves -Various Other Random Quests Stats: Combat Level is 86 note the range is now 87 The account has little left in its bank but it does have some good non-tradeables Items: -1.5m cash -Nearly 2 Sets of Full Void Range Gear (just missing one chest) -Addy Gloves -Ava's Accumulators Bank: Black Mark History: There are revoverys and email set but i will confirm a email change for you and you can set new recoverys, unfortunately i dont remember the recovs so u'll have to just set new ones Login Screen:[rsgp] Auctioning Beastly Pure W/ 85 Magic/ 84 Range/Users/janethays/Desktop/Picture 1.png /Users/janethays/Desktop/Picture 2.png /Users/janethays/Desktop/Picture 3.png I duno if the pictures will work; If not, I'll resize them at Tinypic, giving them an official link. First Rule: I WILL NOT GO FIRST. My account is worth more than the money. I've been scammed badly once when I trusted a guy and went first. Horrible, horrible, horrible feeling. I left runescape for two months after that. Second Rule: We will talk in PM on here, not via Runescape and not via email. Third Rule: Uhh... I like the number three. My pure got hacked a while back. He used to be a legit level 63 pure with 1 defense. Now it's 40, as you can see. He's started RFD and done nearly every f2p quest. He was an EXTREMELY epic pure back in the day. I lagged out and came back to find my target dead. It's hard to adjust to the 40 defense now. Pking with him is just not the same and... Well, I have a str pure now. He has an epic original name that would be rare if it wasn't for the 0 replacing the O. It's best fitting for a range pure. Alas, I must say goodbye to my baby. We shall auction or you can PM me offers... If you think they're high enough.[RSGP/PP] Selling Level 99 Maxed Rune Pure 99/99/40 92 Range 94 Magic w/ Veng!Combat Level 99 : [email protected] Will go first to TRUSTED! If not use TRUSTED . Accepting RSGP and Paypal Only! Highest Bid Wins! Questions? Add me on : [email protected] level 84 - 99Range/Mage {RSGP}Selling a level 84 with fairly nice stats for RSGP A/W 40 Mill
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