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    (cheap)staking pure--75 def-40 str-75 att---selling my staking pure for 15m a/w, s/w 8m has no recoverie or e mail. has a login name, no stupid email loginSelling Lv 75 SICK 1 def pure |99 Mage|92 Range |Well , selling the following acc, just got straight bored with RS. Will sell for Paypal or RSGP(to resell for usd). Account is a beast pker, its 99 mage, 94 range. Has 1 DEF. Has DT/MM/Lost city done. Has a pretty nice/rare name. hasnt had any blackmarks in green zone. Account comes with ALL info, prev pass, membership #'s, ips, everything. either u go first or we use a OMM(preffered) 50/50 fees. NO SWAPS. Members was bought a few days ago, has it till Jun 13!! Has a really nice rare name post ur /pm if interested Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling Lv 73 Pure (DT Done)[​IMG] [​IMG] MM is also done along with animal magnitism. Looking for 20m for him.selling two rangers 15m for bothunless your offering a 99str,mage,or ranger, dont offer ANYTHING but RSGP, i WLL NOT go first, we will use MM or you will go first, if u will not pay for MM we will use the only free MM thats a mod, macroman REDUCED PRICE , NOW ONLY 7M FOR BOTH!! heres the level 87,bout 200k on him level 72, not much on him happy bidding!!!Rapier Pure Combat 79.Hey there, Im in no need of this account as im closing into my final year at school so im here to sell it. Ill accept PayPal or RSGP as ill just be selling the RSGP on here. Im looking for a good $30-$40 or around 45m. If that's unreasonable just tell me. But anyone leave your bids etc, Highest wins. - It has 31k Tokens. - It still has Rapier. - It is 79 combat. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with[RSGP]selling lvl 63 pure 80 + all tribrid stats [RSGP]heyy guys im selling one of my pures i just realised im over rs and want to sell my accounts to buy a rare and then go back on rs in a few years and see how its going. this is a great account with awesome stats for its level! it has done waterfall quest so that you can quest it for dt/addy gloves and still stay 60 attack it also has a sardomin cape which gives a plus 10 to mage bonus/ happy bidding AW/40m starting bid 15m STATS COMBATSelling 2 Runescape Pures.hello, im quitting runescape getting way to old to play and i have these accounts that im selling. i dont know prices of accounts so the best offer wins. you do get the banks, everything in it. since i dont want it. Account Number 1. (no pictures yet since my friend is pking on it right now, tomorrow ill get) Range-98 400k exp till 99 Attack-60 Strength-81 Health-89 Magic-56 Prayer-44 Defense-40 all the rest of the stats are bad. none worth mentioning has like 20+ member days on it left. has prob like 200k+ in items. 80k cash. Account number 2. Attack-40 Strength-83 Health-66 (i sw) Prayer-31 Defense-5 range/magic-1 F2p account has 500k+ on it. i maxed i think with 2h was 271 i dont want to show pics. if you want i can pm you in game and qc the stats or show you the account. nothing special on the accounts to even show so im not going to waste my time showing pics. no bank pins on either of the accounts no recoverys. Account number 2.[RSGP][$500+vouches] Selling beast f2p pure.Hi, I'm here to sell my sick f2p pure. With the new recovery system you are unable to remove recovery's. (Well, I don't know a way how to, if you do tell me) - You will receive recovery's and all info up on purchase. - You first or OMM.(You pay) - Only RSGP, no a/w set. - Acc comes with wealth, to start you off. Pictures: I'm not in a hurry selling this, so serious offers only.
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