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    [Buying]WebGuru's Dream Pure [RSGP/PAYPAL] ( 1 2)Hey folks, WebGuru here looking to buy a pure. Now. Here is what I want. 1 Defence [NOT 2 or 3...1!] 99 Strength [Nothing lower] 1 attack [Will accept 50 attack too but no higher] 1 Prayer is a must! 99 range or 99 magic or both [Must have one of the two] 99 Constitution [Must have] 99 Hunter/Woodcutting/Thieving/Agility/Firemaking [Must have at least one] Must have attack quested if it is 50 attack. DT done and RFD done to mith or addy gloves PRICE: $200 or 300M RSGP if you have a pure similar to this. I'll pay for OMM or if your trusted i'll be going first. Thank you! PLEASE PM ME YOUR OFFERS OR POST HERE![VERY CHEAP] Level 61 starter 1 def pure! [RSGP ONLY]Hey guys. So I recently started up a pure, got sort of bored. I would like RSGP for main so I am selling this cheaply. Can get up to 84 magic and 84 ranged by alching/cannoning without levelling! As for A/W, there's none. Just looking for the best offer I can get. Bidding ends at 00:00 GMT on 24/08/2011 Current bid: None Account pictures Thanks for looking.Multi Spaced Name| Holiday Items | Non-Email Login | 1296 Total Level|Sold.[rsgp]selling Lvl 61 - 99 Mining - 99 Magic - Perfect Starter Pure[rsgp]Title and pics explain most of it. Nothing impressive in the bank 17m mining xp Upon purchase you get: Old passwords old payment info isp.. etc. I will not go first, unless you are trusted. We can use an omm at your expense Post on here, them pm your . Start bids at [email protected] 0.50c/m - 40mZerker [95+7] Bgloves [182qp] RSGP [99 RANGE] 93 strength [94 mage]Selling this nearly maxed zerker for rsgp, I'd prefer using a , as I'm not very trusted on here, don't bother offering rl cash. The account has 182 quest points. Barrows gloves veng etc.. Membership expires 29th august. 95+7 combat[Paypal][RSGP]Godly MAXED AGS Pure 99 Mage l 99 Str l 99 Range l 99 Hp[Paypal][RSGP]Hey, well since I'm not getting many offers on my turmoil rune pure I decided to sell my prized possesion, my maxed AGS pure. The account is extremely rare and is well known in the pure clanning community. I have done most of the necessary pure quests.I will be cleaning the account for it's wealth before we trade I'm the original owner can provide all the information regarding the account. I will only be accepting paypal or RSGP for this account anything besides this will be reported as spam. I'm looking for at least $150 or 225m, please no low ball offers. I can get the account 80 dungeoneering and 80 attack if you wish for a extra fee. I will not be going first unless you're a mod/admin, I'm fine to use an OMM as long as the fees are covered by you. If you're interested in this account please add my [email protected][swap]95 bunny ears yo-yo[swap]Hey sythe im selling my old account that i have had sence 06 that i got from a irl friend. I don't need this account anymore so im just going to swap it for a differnet account. I will swap for the highest account bid. As you can see in the title it is a level 95 with bunny ears and a yo-yo. Pics: Holidays: Stats: login: Highest bid wins! Oh pm me on here or post a comment below for your offers!S> MAXED MAGE BOXER [ 99DEF/MAGE/HP 12 PRAY 1 SUMM ] [ 6 99's ]Decided to sell my staker, ive had alot of fun on this account pwning noobs, Even 138CBs get a shock when i win a stake aganist them. Has 99mining/theiving(25M EXP)/cooking Ive had this staker for quite awhile now, Won around 1B with it, No longer need cash so im gunna sell this pro account before i lose bank, my main is already 2300 total with just afew buyable 99's left so ima concentrate on that. Want this account gone, 50M for the first person to contact me. No swaps
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