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    {Swaps/PP/RSGP} Lv60 1def Str Pure {Swaps/PP/RSGP}Offer. It has recovs and email but i have all info and it will pass a recov test very quickly. [email protected] Uploaded with Uploaded with 13mill On A Pure----Buying A Pure For 13mill Please Post On Here With Yur Info Of The Pure------spending 18m On Account--------I want a good skilled account for a main... if its got high att and str but 40 def or somethin i still might be intrested! trust- i go first no trust- omm/ u firstSelling lvl 89+7 Pure|99 Str|99 Mage|82 Dung ( 1 2)Ok so. this is my 3rd time trying to sell this account. the 1st time i had up for 200m with rapier. Then i lost rapier, not going to go into details. Then i put it up again and some power abuser mod took it down and banned me for 3 days. So here i am trying again this time i will be selling it for 100m auto win since i lost rapier. Dont really have any purpose for this account anymore. I need 40m for turmoil on my other account so just shoot me a price. I AM the original owner of this account and will provide the 1st password and so forth. Add my [email protected] please post on this topic saying how much u will offer b4 u add me . EDIT: HAS ALL PURE QUESTS DONE AND ADDY GLOVES. Thanks Here are the pictures.Buying range tank or zerk!!!!i will spend up to 75m zerk must have defense fully quested, hand cannon and all, 94 mage, lunar done etc. tank must have under 75 att and str, 90+ range, 94 mage, lunar done, fully quested add me, [email protected] or , nick cribari also, post thread if im offline of or :) thanks guysSelling lvl 76+8 Pure, 90Minning Nearly maxed. All books (Rspg)Selling a lvl 76pure + 8----Nearly maxed has 90minning 76k off 91. About a 2m Bank Very organized. Email and Recovs will be changed when i find a buyer. Has no offenses. I Am the original owner. Has 4Brawerls, All Books Filled. Good Stats. FULLY QUESTED With a Anchor By xcitan at 2011-03-15 By xcitan at 2011-03-15 By xcitan at 2011-03-15 I Am not going first Either u go First or We use omm U pay Only Taking RspgSelling Level 96+9 Turmoil Pure *99PRAYER* LOOK!Ok as the title said, here im selling my Rune pure. Main attributes: 99 PRAYER! 91 HP 96 Str 94 Magic 93 Range Acc can come with (Optional!) Obviously this account took alot of time and effort so i hope you bid respectfully and no stupid bids either im first or we use a MM which you will pay for, but i choose the official MM, im looking for PAYPAL mostly but i will take RSGP to sell-on again This account was made with PERFECTION, with 45Def exactly, all quested! 60attack, Quested! All quests you need are done such as Lunar Sennisten Desert Treasure Recipe for disaster If interested me inbox me for my and futher chat, thanks. Now heres some screeniesSelling Level 75 pure!!Selling a level 75, 60 attack pure!! Desert Treasure and Monkey madness done! Perfect account for pking!! MM Done. DT Done. Horror From The Deep Done. Priest In Peril Done. Rsgp only! Autowin is 65m. All offers are looked at. No swaps or trades.
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