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    level 74 zerker purei don't use this acc. i used it like almost 4-5 years ago for about a month and a half and quit rs. i'm playing once in a while again but yea. it's not the best offers[RSGP/PP][$800+ Traded]Selling level 98 Staker [1 Prayer/Summ][25+ Vouches]Hi, I'm Arial and today I will be selling this perfect staking account. Before we begin, let me start by saying that the account has recovery questions set which are unknown, but you have my personal guarantee that nothing will happen to the account. If you don't want to purchase the account with recovery questions, don't even bother posting. Now on to the pictures: Its literally a gold mine when it comes to staking. If you're interested, contact me either by posting here or on . The account doesn't have an autowin, although if a certain price blows me away I will accept it straight away. I will only accept PP or RSGP, no swaps what so ever. Thanks guys.Selling three Accounts (CHEAP)I'm selling all three TOGETHER VERY CHEAP! - Or each alone, if necessary If you buy all three i'll sell Cheaper. All accounts have the same login + Offence history! Account one: The money will stay on the account! Account two and three - They could be turned into frost dragon accounts very easily. If you're interested, please POST/PM your offers + leave your contact details [/]Buying Pures/Zerkers ( 1 2)looking for pures/zerkers offers that would take 110 usd or below for the acc and if possible: 60-80 att 80-99 str 1-45 def(depends if quested) 1-95 prayer 1-99 dung(rapier?) : [email protected] Beast 1 Def Pure. (90mage 80str 96 mining 85 smith) CHEAPIt's an epic pure I ended up quitting, about to get 90 mage (26k exp away) He's got around 7m cash of wealth in memb stuff so keep that in mind. You can also buy another 20m I got on my mule that I can put on the account for you of cash if you want. (I'm valuing the 20m at 18$) I have very few quests done on it, hasn't been botted in over 4 weeks and is level 60 combat. Once I get a legitimate offer I will remove the Email. PM me for my to talk further. I will most likely not be going first, but we can use a mm if you wish, you pay fees. Some pics: STARTING BID: 40$ AUTO/WIN: 90$ May take RSGP but I will value it at .6/M, I prefer PayPal NOTE* You may realize that in the game thingy it says Aeriaal v2 here, this is because I was originally selling this account on Near-Reality, and that is my user there.. I can prove in game or update the pics if requested by staff hmu. WANT TO BUY IT RIGHT NOW SAFELY? My sale link or w/e: playerup/offer/...dung-51726780/Selling 84cb pure for rsgp/eurosHi, I'm selling 84cb pure for rsgp/euros 99str 99range 20def 60attack 91hp 87mage 161 questpoints aw 150m account don't have recovery question's no email. safe account. add messenger [email protected] or talk here. I will not go first. I never give account's first since I got scammed lastnight guy called "IpeterI" in sythe and hes [email protected] he scammed one of my mains.Selling two great pures! Both 94 mage, 90+ str, Mith gloves, And desert treasure!Hey guys, I'm selling to of my favorite pures today, the BOTH have mithril gloves, monkey madness, desert treasure, and major of all the other quests a pure needs. Pure #1. Combat Level 75 Pure #2. Combat Level 77 BOTH accounts have: Looking for roughly 60m+ Per account, Start the bids of at 20m? For more info contact: [email protected] or alternatively [email protected] zerker 99 mage 90 range (WU)I've decided to quit runescape after 4 years of playing, I'm getting too old and need some more money for my gambling addiction. I have been the only owner of this account and can provide everything. Combat lvl is 92 + 7 making it 99 in p2p worlds. I will be selling it WITH the cash , it has around 30m on it atm. It only has iron gloves atm because i cba to do anymore of RFD, has completed Lunar, DT etc... I WILL ONLY ACCEPT WESTERN UNION , i will only go first to highly trusted people too. It has membership untill the 30th of june NOTE: It does have recoveries but i'm getting rid of them as we speak. I will post another picture once this has been done. I don't know how much i want for this yet so just post reasonable offers please. I'm from the UK if that makes a difference. P.S I KNOW EDITING ON THE PICTURES ARE BAD, I DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO CHANGE IT
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