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    [rsgp]godsword Pure/sol Staker[1 Def]I'm selling this pure because i just made a new range staker and i need some money to start staking with. I call this a staff of light staker because it has a pretty low prayer level for its combat level and i have won quite a few stakes while using the SOL. The combat level is 76. Here it is.... Bank is pretty much cleared.....still has sets of ghostly robes... Desert treasure, monkey madness complete 76 COMBAT S/B:5M|| 79att/93str/48def Zerk Pure ||random account i have and dont use [email protected] ToS I will not go first, unless your trusted I do not accept swaps If account gets banned after sale it becomes your problem Note - MM Will be used![RSGP]Staker 98 Def,87 Dung,96 thief, 96 cb [RSGP]Selling my staker, looking for RSGP to put on my rune pure Never had recovs will use OMM or MM i wont go firstBUYING 1 DEF PURE, MAXED or near MAX ( 1 2)Please show me your acc im VERY interested in a max 1 def pure, or almost maxed, Thank you,Sell Beast Pure 62Combat-76Dung-1Def-1summoning ( 1 2)Hey selling this amazing pure it was all done legit by me im the only one who has had access to the account ever first passwords and member pins will be given. No time wasters please must go by wednesday 4th May 2011. A/W: $10 or 15M Highest Bid: 18DEF By accident Membership ran out. [​IMG]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.