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    ♠♠[RSGP]Selling Zerker Pure [RSGP]♠♠sold.selling rune glove black pure 84+6(rsgp)78 attack 90 str 14 def 52 prayer 87 range 99 mage 80 hp (99 theiving) very high skiller stats/ almost korasi,(need to kill pest queen) send me an email. has done all pure quest/rune gloves. very good pking acc. asking atleast 55m for account, no accs/no irl cash.selling zerker pure | 80 dung | 200k tokens | 98 str | firecape | d gloves | 40 def |title says it all accepting rsgp and paypal using OMM A/W- 150M RSGP A/W- 80 usd paypal contact information : [email protected][[RSGP/PAYPAL]] Selling an AMAZING Pure! Very cheap!Hey guys. I got cleaned on this account and now have no use for it anymore. Its a pretty beast account. I'm looking for around 40-50m RSGP, but the best offer will win. Pics below Still a member... just for 2 days. If you are trusted I will go first. Also selling a runescape upgrade with this... will add 7M to the price. It is still mems until 2 days. Happy biddingSelling 99 Prayer + Herby Account!Hey all, I've decided it's time to sell this account due to the fact that I no longer play on it, and really have no use for it. Combat level is 60, also has close to 1k overloads, and a ton of other extreme potions. Bank is filled with various junk, really. I removed my email, and recoveries are currently set due to the fact that I can't seem to find a way to delete them (used to be able to delete them via recover stolen password). Account is mine originally mine, and every piece of information will be provided. If you're obviously trusted, I have no problems going first, otherwise OMM, possibly MM will be used. Here are the pictures: Also, it's ranked in the "bloody sw" soul wars chat. Only taking RSGP. Post here if you're interested, or PM me with your .[99wc][40+ Vouches] Initiate Pure [82hunt][Rsgp]Hey sythe, Khalsa1430 here trying to sell my initiate pure after giving up on it. It has addy gloves, and dt done. Log in page: Stats/Wealth: A/w 20m Open to cheaper offers bc i need the cash desperately. : [email protected][CHEAP] 1 Def Pure58 Cb 47 attk 73 str 1 def 29 pray 66 farm cool name (in the bawlz), dragon skimmy quest done ..... we will use mm or u can go first.. i dont want a lot of cash for this pure selling it pretty cheap. need money for my main. make a offer. so reply or add my make me a offer [email protected]*extremly cheap*42 cb Insane dbower Pure|multi ownage! | Active Membership |Hey guys Im going to be selling this pure. its much fun to pk with in multi =)its basically a dbower pure,it has a full month membership(just bought mems for it last 2 days r so)i am selling for a very low a/w since im working on my main :] you can notice,this account has no recovries or emails =] i will be going first to anyone trusted or we use a mm/omm =] might pay for fees A/W:5m :[email protected] please post here before contacting me on
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