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    [RSGP]Buying pure or Rune pure off a very trusted member[RSGP] ( 1 2)Awesome 83 Cb Pure! 99 Mage, Str, And Mining!Selling lvl77 20 def! cheap!Selling lvl77 20 def! cheap!Selling lvl77 20 def Quests: Doric's Quest, Ernest the Chicken, The Knight's Sword, The Restless Ghost, Rune Mysteries, Shield of Arrav, Unstable Foundations, Death Plateau, Dwarf Cannon, Priest in Peril, Lost City, Tree Gnome Village, Troll Stronghold, Waterfall Quest. Will go first if your trusted, 50/50 trade, use a Mm or you go first. Aw: 20mil[RSGP] 60 Attack 99 Strength 1 Defense Great Pure ~Must See~Sold.Awesome 83 Cb Pure! 99 Mage, Str, And [email protected] Selling this pure it does have 3 defence but it only adds 1 combat if that so it's not really a big deal. And since it does have 3 def I will be alright selling the account for a tad bit cheaper than what it is really worth. Mith gloves, MM, DT, Ava, shilo and other important quests done, 3 iron defenders, and it has 99 mining, str, and mage If you are worried about the combat, when I played this account there are plenty of other pures in the pk worlds + all the other 80 noobs who don't know how to pk. I rarely fought zerkers with veng. I am the only owner I have all of the account information Looking for RSGP Please post offers here or if you would like to talk on leave your address Uploaded with[RSGP]Buying pure or Rune pure off a very trusted member[RSGP] ( 1 2)Looking to buy a quested pure or rune pure off a very trusted member. I will want a recovery test done unless you are an OMM or Mod yourself. I have a 200m Limit on what I will pay. Pures need dt done and Addy Gloves. Rune pures need 40-45 defence and barrows gloves. Curses are a plus, but doesn't need turmoil.Level 68 pure - 99 Magic | 85 Ranged | 80 Str - Addy gloves/Iron defenderWelcome to my thread Currently, I only take RSGP. Any question? Hit me up on . Autowin 45M : [email protected] Request PM! I'm the orignal owner and will provide the correct information to the buyer. If you should have problem with the account I will help you get it back. Log in page: Combat level: Stats: Equipment: (Adamant gloves Rfd - Ava's attractor - Zamorak book - Iron defender) Vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=1146945
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