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    Jadens Account Shop! Hey im looking to some of my accounts! NOTE: I will get a OMM. Heres the pics! ACCOUNT1 gyazo/c908fe3776e1b081ae59d43478c10b35 gyazo/c1892ae436c1500d4381912aaa7e9d50 gyazo/f69fdc6239f9e16832972e764ca92933 gyazo/52372aafdd6889e6ba256f4a2c17093e gyazo/d42c9c05bbecd51529401b50c201f110 ACCOUNT2 gyazo/597f875d3d0b345e91845d0dcd661a4b gyazo/f66b9165fd47d7bed4fe13a02154ca28 gyazo/adbdde5932ed7e511aab5ddf17581ec2 ACCOUNT3 gyazo/cce48e446667db46c27b63a9bb02ebae gyazo/fc7b16ca69c068c152d73ec4f5019404 gyazo/4b63e7aba50e5d5b749c0d7a51532c1a ACCOUNT4 gyazo/13eda6b3bb0c0f8e59400c38116ebed1 gyazo/9f5dd67e773b4d4a98b3c1651177c260 gyazo/17544dbbca146559e69a44281910074d MY [email protected] MY -Wakeisme[pa] Selling Cb 88 3def Pure!!!Selling this great pker! Rec: stats: bank 200M+ : happy bidding! pm meFailed level 78 pureHey i wanna sell my pure i failed defence in the monkey madness quest, so i dont wanna have it anymore. around 8-10m on the account in member love you i cant trade over and i dont wanna renew membership to get it. Uploaded with Taking Rsgp and cash over paypal Could be made to a zerker[66 cmb] 94 range 94 mage 80 str dt doneSelling this pure $40 or 80m auto win, email will be removed. Done dt, most of rfd, all annoying quests done. No recoveries or black marks. Not really looking for swaps, might go lower. :[email protected][RSGP] Selling AMAZING accounts! Maxed mains! 9hp! pro stakers! much more! [RSGP]Whats up sythe. Im looking to get rid of a ton of accounts i have laying around. only going to be taking rsgp for the moment until i can get paypal situated. Please add my and if you have any questions. ----------All accounts come recovery question and email free--------- [email protected] Account 1: Maxed main, has turmoil, great for PvM or staking. Account 2: Pro Gmaul rusher/soulwars pure. 99 mining, comes with full zammy book + mith gloves! tons of pure quest done. Account 3: Perfect Rapier Staker. 99 attack, 98 strength (200k from 99). Comes with rapier, 99 fishing and 99 hunter. Great account to make money on quick. Account 4: 9hp account! not much to explain here, pretty damn rare account, all stats are 1 except hp which is 9! Account 5: and Bunny ears account. Another rare account ive had for ages. Account 6: "Almost" maxed main. 200k from 99 hp and 300k from 98 def. could be maxed out in 2 days. Post the account number and your offer, then add me on ! [email protected] 3 accounts all Good for Rsgp!!first is an awsome staking account. 10 90+ stats A/W is 100m. next is a zerker pure. Awsome name and some nice stats. A/W is ??? none set. Last acc is a sorc garden acc/black pure. Also a hectic name A/W is ??? none set. All accounts come will all info. email will be changed, etc. [email protected] for more pics/questions. ThanksSelling Turmoil Zerker (chaotic Rapier,arcane-stream,korasi,vigour,torso,elite Voids) ( 1 2)Selling My 45Defence Turmoil Zerker With A Chaotic Rapier, Ring Of Vigour, Full Elite Void, Arcane-Stream Necklace, Korasi's Sword, Barrows Gloves, Fighter Torso, Defender's, Etc. Here Are Some Picture's. Post Below And Add Me On To Buy Account. ONLY ACCEPTING RSGP or PAYPAL! (No Swap's, Stop asking ) My : [email protected] Pic's: Remember Post Below And Add My : [email protected][4x99]CB Level 91 with 1.3m - Only 18$[PP] or WoW GoldHello folks, I want to sell my account because I never use it anymore. It has 4x99 skills and around 1.3m will atm. I want to sell the account for 18$ or 10k wow gold @ Aerie Peak Alliance. I'll hope I will find a good buyer, you will go first or you pay OMM fee because I don't got any. Only accept Paypal for the payment. Every information will be provided because I am the creator of the character. Pics:
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