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    Pure account shop! Stakers! DT complete! ~1def~Account #1 Combat level: 56 An incredible Blitz-GMaul rusher that is maxed for its combat and incredibly low combat with the lowest possible defense (1) and prayer (11) for the completion of the quest Desert Treasure. Stats: There are no recovery questions or registered email on the account: Proof of quests: A/w is 40m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Account #2 Combat level: 63 Ridiculously high Constituiton makes this account a staking prodigy. You can either Dark Bow/Rune knife or DClaw/Dscim stake, as it has the stat requirement for both. An account made purely for the intent of selling to match ANY players game style preference. Stats: No registered email and no recovery questions set: A/w is 20mCombat Level 69 All around.Please deleteSelling 99 mage acountcombat level 64..make offers (willing to take cash via paypal or rsgp). comes with 50m cash.Level 80 Initate Pure 99 Thieveing!Will remove Recovery and Email when theres a buy and ill tell you the pin used for the Membership all the previous password etc. A/w=25mselling pure with 86 range and wild helm tier 5selling my 86 pure range account has (work in progress) Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Range:86 Hp:58 Strength:62 attack:40 prayer:26 for.. hawk eye post offers[Selling] Level 64 [99 Range] [81 Strength]-RSGP/Items OnlyHi, I'm Selling my account for RSGP ONLY... The account is currently F2P, I'm basically just seeing what I can get for it.. If I get a good enough offer, I'll trade the account.. Account comes with 99 wc cape, 99 fm cape, and 99 range cape.. and approximately 5-10 quests finished.. Add me @ [email protected][PayPal/RSGP] 1 Def Pure - All Pure Quests - Addy Gloves - 72.025 CB [RSGP/PayPal] ( 1 2)Closed!Selling FANTASTIC fully quested Rune/Veng pure!I'm selling a GREAT account with pretty decent stats all around. It has received one offense for offensive language, and was muted for 2 days. It is now in the green zone. I've spent a lot of time on this account and am serious about selling it, looking for a legit buyer, I'm not all Gun-Ho about using a Middle-Man, if you wish to use one we can, I will sell to somebody very trusted and go first, anything other than we can negotiate. I took a picture of what's worth in the bank and there is some other love you but what I shown is just about what's left of it. Also took a picture of the stats for your viewing pleasure and kind of a requirement. It's not MAXED or anything, but damn close and a lot can be done to it. Also, RFD is done to Dragon Gloves, cbf'd to get barrows, I'm done with the game. List Of Quests Completed from A-Z - All Fired Up Animal Magnetism Big Chompy Bird Hunting Biohazard Buyers and Cellars Creature of Frenkenstein Death Plateau Defender of Varrock Desert Treasure The Dig Site Druidic Ritual Dwarf Cannon Family Crest Fight Arena Fishing Contest Fremminik Trials Garden of Tranquility Gertrudes Cat The Golem The Grand Tree Heroes Quest Horror from the deep (I got the Guthix Book and its completely full) Jungle Potion Legends ITS STARTED BUT NOT COMPLETED Lost City Lunar Diplomacy Merlin's Crystal Monkey Madness Murder Mystery Nature's spirit Plague City Priest in Peril Rag and Bone Man RFD - All is completed all that needs to be done is the Culiomancer needs to be defeated Recruitment Drive Shadow of the Storm Shilo Village Tears of Guthix Temple of Ikov The Tourist trap Tree Gnome village Troll Stronghold Underground Pass Waterfall quest What Lies Below Witch's House Wolf Whistle That is all - any questions about quests PLEASE feel free to ask. Here are the pictures of the stats and bank - [email protected] is my . any questions either post on here or add me on .
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