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    Maxed Out PureBuy off iOffer for your piece of mind ioffer/i/479999035 Here we have Level 73, with 3 99's but sadly was reset but it has 0 black marks now the account is currently 92, mage, 92 ranged, 92 strength has about 25-30m worth of stuff as as you can see has a full zammy book and has ancient magiks. It is all geared up ready to pk lots of quests done to wear items etc. what you see is what you get THIS IS A GUIDE HOW TO GET THIS ACCOUNT..if you catch my drift THIS IS PROPERTY OF Jagex Ltd and allways will be.Selling level 95, 2 99's + vet cape.Recently got scammed so am selling this account. Has probably 500k-1m worth of members items in bank, no membership has vet cape 99 wc 99 fletch Could be a good start for a main or something, Looking for either RSGP or a pure. pics:Buying A Good And Beast Korasi Pure !Hey guys I'm interested in buying an korasi pure I love them just add my and post pics of the account that your offering me : [email protected] Lvl 85+ MainReally Dont Know How much It Worth So offferSelling Maxed fully quested level 82+10 5 defence Pure!Hey im Selling a maxed level 82+10 5 Defence pure. his stats are Attack:60 Strength:99 Defence:5 Range:99 Mage:94 Prayer:52 Summoning:78 Mining:90 Thieving:82 Smithing:79 Add Me on if interested-Wakeisme or - [email protected] Starting Bid 40$ IM NOT GOING FIRST!Lvl 71! 94mage Desert treasure![60att,85Str,83range]RSGP please and add my to ocntact me! [email protected] mage account. Both spellbooks obtained.PAYPAL ONLY Give me an offer. The best offer will be given my paypal e-mail. Send me the money and I will send you the account username and password. This used to be my main account, I have recently gotten bored of runescape. With other single-player games seeming more interesting and me working to get into college, I can not play. Since I have been working on this account for 5 years, I have decided that I needed to get rid of it and make someone else happy with it. The combat skills are very well balanced so you can play however you want, despite the mage title. I say mage because I have done all the quests to unlock the spellbooks. Ancient curse prayers have not yet been received. This account has not been touched once by the hands of a bot so it is not likely it will be banned for it. I emptied the friends list for you. The bank has just over 1m worth of items and gold. MEMBERSHIP ON ACCOUNT ENDS NOVEMBER 6th 2011 ACCOUNT IS LEVEL 94 AS A MEMBERLevel 92 skiller, Nearly 5 99 capes.ONLY ACCEPTING RSGP AS I WANT TO FUND MY REAL MAIN.I WILL ACCEPT ALERTPAY WHICH ANYONE CAN USE IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT. No current autowin. HAS VETERAN CAPE Hello, today i am selling off my VERY FIRST RUNESCAPE ACCOUNT . The reason i'm selling it is to fund my maxed combat main so i can start mage staking again. THE ACCOUNT WILL HAVE 99 FIREMAKING WHEN IT IS SOLD SO YOU CAN HAVE 4 capes. I'm sad to see this account go but i really would like the GP instead. I WILL NOT TRADE WITHOUT A UNLESS YOU ARE OF A HIGH RANK. no, seriously. AND I WILL PAY THE FEES SO THERES NO WAY I WILL BE SCAMMED. Has only had ONE set of recovs its whole time, which i will delete along with the email if i get any offers that follow through. I can provide all of the info for a successful recovery. Thank you. [email protected]
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