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    Lv85 Pure Pk'er! Look!Sold!Selling MAXED Range pker!!!!title says it all, im quitting because i need cash for a new computer and im just going to torrent crysis 2 whenever i get my new computer so im retiring from rs. accepting rsgp(bc i can sell it) and also pp c&c. more pics/proof of ownership can be shown to whomever is interested. account has been mine since day one. all info i have will be provided, OMM will prob be used since im not trusted on here. DT IS DONE AND I HAVE 94 MAGE CURRENTLY, ALSO I HAVE 42 AGIL NOW death plateau and horror from the deep are done too, i have like 3-4m less and a completed guthix book thoughIncredible Staker for SaleSo guys heres my staker, ill be selling it soon if i get an offer that interests me Made over 600m off this bad boy and everything you see in the pics, comes with the account ^^ Cheers ^^60/99/1 Combat 71 DDS Staker.Hello, I'm selling this mint staker - its combat 71, has 77 health points combined with 99 strenght. Making for a very deadly account. Am accepting paypal/RSPG as the payment. I will also accept certain swaps. Am more than willing to go first to those with more vouches than myself, also willing to use an OMM.selling awsome lvl 60 99 mage 70 rngselling lvl 60 account with 99 mage 70 range only lvl 60 working on 70 attack atm also. 1 pray 1 def. here r the pics.I WILL take the phat off it unless u wanna pay 1.5b. and the best thing about it is if u want 99 range u can get it without leveling up at all and either 99 attack or 99 str. EDIT: currently looking for RSGP thank you[Selling] Fully Quested ZerkerHi this is a zerk that I was in the process of making then lost interest in the account as I went back to my main Its prayer and defence have been 100% quested and attack has had all quests that can be completed by a zerker apart from 1 completed I believe. Has 167 quest points with dragon gloves, really only needing dt to be completed for barrows gloves. Ardy cape 2 and Lumbridge ring 3, and Varrock armour 1 if that makes any differences lol. 68 Cmb without summon 74 Cmb with summon Its not members but its wealth is about 12mil and has full void and torso I'm not sure how to remove email registration from the account, help with that would be appreciated. Will not go first unless you are trusted Paypal is method of payment.swapping pure(94mage 86 range) for acc with rapierhey you guys im looking to trade a pure with 94 mage and 86 range for an account that has a chatoic rapier if interested reply to the thread or pm also will sell for rsgp pics are here tinypic/r/fmoyl3/7 tinypic/r/15zl5y8/7 still has member ship and not muted never bottedSelling Ddser w/ MEM!!! ~Epic~Comes with mem and a few RFD done. Has IRON GLOVES/DONE LOST CITY. Hit me up.. Honestly tired of this dang account so post offers!! Will use MM/ If trusted I'll go first.. When trading with a person I find trust worthy I will take emails off first.. (MUST BE TRUSTED)
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