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    sellin amazing VLS pure [99str]Hi I have had great luck with this staker winning over 450m over a couple of months of using it I don't have images of my wins sorry. The account comes with some of the necessary gear for this staker with the VLS with upwards of 50 minuntes remaining and the Statius armour has around 13 minutes of time remaining however the corrupt vls would be down to its last 5 minutes the account is currently 88 combat this video here is not of my account however this is a very similar account to mine giving you an idea on how i staked using this account youtube/watch?v=42SGvifIk4w the account is also capable of getting adamant gloves as majority of the quests required have been completed (RFD has been started and 2 of the subquests have been completed) There is no A/w as of yet however if i am happy to sell for a good deal i am accepting RSGP preferably and paypal from very trusted members as i have recently been scammed hope you like it and happy bidding Starting Bid = 0m A/W = 70m OPEN TO DO AN ACCOUNT SWAP ALSO POST OFFERS ON THREAD OR PM MESelling Almost Maxed PureSOLD to ' Pabs.The Fish Account Shop Rsgp :)hey guys im selling two accounts nothing really overall special but they are up for grabs, please post your offers here and we will work something out! Account one: Combat level:77 Account two: Combat level:79 please post offers here thank you for your time, The FishPerfect Void PureIm selling my Void Pure and ill be posting the pics of it below. I know i just joined guys but im 100% legit. Im selling it for Rsgp for my main. It has both Melee and Range void sets. THIS ACCOUNT IS A PVP MACHINE. Also got my first vouch! sythe/showthread.php?t=1179961 I'm looking for 50mil+Chaotic pure for sale.Hey guys, i always see people here at this website selling accounts, so i decided to join to sell this pure, because i ran out of money on my main lols (plus, the fact i cant pk. Dont tell anyone! ^^) here are some pics. ONLY ACCEPTING RSGP, Thanks. Start offering [email protected] before u ask. i dont know what prices to expect so yeah. :p[RSGP]Rune Pure F2P Pker!double post on accidentlooking for a pure (swaps)hi im looking for a pure say bout 90 str 60 att 1 def 70 range and mage with dt done id be swapping a beast barrows pure with the link below sythe/showthread.php?t=1108900Selling Beast Statius Pure !! Rsgp Only!!HELLO STYHE! THIS IS YOUAINTREADYBRO HERE, IVE DONE TONS OF TRADES ON SYTHE BEFORE AND SOLD A FEW ACCOUNTS, HERE I BRING TO YOU MY BEAST STATIUS PURE WITH 99 STRENGTH, AND MAGIC, 90 ATTACK, AND 96 MINING WITH 90 SMITHING AND ALOT MORE STATS. THE ACCOUNT HAS ALMOST ALL THE QUESTS YOU CAN THINK OF DONE, AND NEEDS A GOOD CARETAKER TO GET THE ACCOUNT A CHAOTIC MAUL HERE ARE SOME PICTURES POSTED BELOW OF THE ACCOUNT... ----> THE ACC MAKES AN AMAZING BOXER AS WELL! EASY GP!! THE ACCOUNT IS READY TO BE SOLD AND LOOKING FOR THE HIGHEST BID!! AN AUTO WIN FOR THE ACCOUNT WOULD BE 120M. THE WAY I WOULD BE LOOKING TO TRADE IS 50/50 BECAUSE OF THE FACT THATS IVE SOLD ALL MY OTHER ACCOUNT THE SAME WAY AND ALL WENT GREAT~! THANKFULLY I HAVENT HAD ANY BAD TRADE GOING 50/50. I WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING PAYPAL DUE TO THE FACT THAT I HAVE BEEN CHARGEBACKED LITERALLY EVERYSINGLE TRADE IVE DONE, RESULTING IN A 200+ DOLLAR LOSS TO ME.. MY IS [email protected] PLEASE PM AND ME AND WE CAN TRADE FAST AND EASY START BIDDING AND GOODLUCK! YOU WONT BE DISSAPOINTED WITHT THE ACCOUNT. : [email protected]
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