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    Selling SICK lvl 72 DDS staker! 60/99/1 - 1 Pray/SummoningHey guy's Cashhbot here selling this PERFECT dds staker! A/W: $70/85m Payment Options: Paypal or RSGP (NO SWAPS) You will go first or we will use a MM at your expense. Contact: [email protected][Zerker]87+9 Combat[60 attack][92 Str][Quested][Rsgp]Account sold to imabro for 30m[RSGP] lvl 70 Brid 96 mining [RSGP]Im selling my main account because i really like playing on my pure and i dont feel like training it anymore. I am looking for gp because paypal never really works to well with me i usually end up getting scammed out of it. I have all information. i am the only person who has had my account. i have Old pass's, Emails, recov's, bank pins, day made, internet provider. EVERYTHING. Rules: 1. I will not go first, if you are not comfortable with it you may pay for an OMM. Looking for about 30-40m RSGP, if its to much we can discuss on . My only : [email protected] Quests Completed: Animal Magnetism Monkey Madness Lost City Roving Elves Regicide Desert Treasure Mountain daughter Horror from the deep & More. This is a great account for rushing & mage boxing. 92 mage is all you need for mage boxing. has 60 attack for claws and 52 pray to smite somebody's item. Has 96 mining which is great for making some fast cash. Pictures:AMAZING PURE - MUST LOOK! [Desert Treasure/MM] [94 Magic/69 combat] [1 month members]Hey again guys. I'm back after selling a few accounts here. I love the service here btw people are so friendly/legit. Anyway, I am selling my pure this time, lvl 69 combat! We can use a VMM if you would like to. PM on powerbot if I have not accepted you on or if you see that i am not online and need me. I always have an open PM box on here by the way, so PM'ing me is okay. Looking for paypal money or rsgp. Autowin: I dont know, maybe looking for around 10-20m+ or $10-20+ My ! : [email protected] 1 month of membership left, I have not updated the login screen pic, sorry. A can confirm that there is 1 month of membership, no recovs, no email, etc. Here's a few pics I have provided for you guys:[RSGP]Level 82 Zerker DT/MM[RSGP]combat level: stats: bank: Very nice pker, DT/MM done, RFD up to mith done. Iso RSGP only, if you're trusted i'll go first if not we find a mediator.lvl 67 pure, anceints, ice barrage [RSGP]not gonna set an autowin on this, gonna let a few offers come and if i like it i will take it Buyer goes first, or OMM. Will consider doing a 50/50 if your trusted. [email protected]@[PP/RSGP] 65 CMB, 99 str, 1 def, 43 att, 6M, pics [email protected]@A/W - 50$ or 60M [email protected]@@ Hello sythe members Some facts about this account ect: * Im the orginal creater and owner of this account. * This account has NEVER had any email/recovery questions set. I can provide first password and p2p info. * I have botted on this account, but there's no need to worry about roll/ban, because it was some time ago. [trained few last lvls by hand] * I WILL NOT GO FIRST unless you are trusted in MY eyes * We can use OMM or very trusted MM [YOU PAY FEE] or if you think that you can trust me, you can go first... [Check my vouche thread @ my sig] * Im accepting money trought PayPal [must send as gift] or RSGP. * Do not offer swaps or pins or w/e else * DO NOT WASTE MY TIME with false offers, scam attempts ect. I will alyways ask for PM's ect. * There's no A/W atm., I will see what offers i'll get. Account Combat level: 65 Accounts bank and stats: ans some junks at bank.... Log in screen: Offences: Account has never been banned, muted or w/e else. IF YOUR INTERESTED IN BUYING THIS ACCOUNT LEAVE YOUR OFFER AND HERE [you shouldn't be 1 post leecher...] My ONLY is - [email protected] [please do not add me without posting it here...]★★★ Multi Spaced Zerker Pure ★★★A/W 15M 78 Combat Multi-spaced Name Dragon Slayer, Monkey Madness and Nature Spirit Completed. No Email/Recovs Got account from IRL friend over a year ago Can provide all previous info. Willing to do a recovery test. With an OMM Has Torso and Defender RSGP OFFERS ONLY PLEASE.
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