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    Purchasing a mage boxer with these stats or very closeI need an account with exactly 58, maybe 57 or 59 defense 94+mage, preferrably 99 mage any hp above 80, the higher the better anceints done the rest of the stats dont truly care, I would rather it be 1 sum and 11 pray, but no big deal really willing to pay hefty sums, I do not offer, you offer your price and post acc details with pics and I will let you know add [email protected] Level 72 D Clawer 99 magic 20M+ BankI am looking to trade this old runescape account that I have not used in awhile for a black ops 14th-15th account or paypal. I have all the recovery information and there is no recovery questions or email set. We will use a Omm you pay fee's. I WILL NOT GO FIRST. My is [email protected] or you can private message your GT and we can talk on xbox (I'd prefer the 2n) DESERT TREASURE IS COMPLETEDSelling maxed 96 Boxer CHEAP !Selling my Maxed lvl 96 Boxer CHEAP. Has no bank value, well some things, like Dragon Defencer, 2x combat bracers etc. well anyways I transfered all my winnings to my new Main. and Now tradeing this Boxer for only 5M + Membership Pin or 15M RSGP ! Email will be INSTANTLY Swapped to yours, cos I'm the original owner of the email that is registered at the moment. MM will be used, you pay the fees. and no I don't swap for accounts, cos I got a main THAT I NEED THE PIN FOR. : [email protected] ASAP !!!!67 Combat 1 Def Pure. LOOK HERE!Selling for RSGP or Paypal, just post your offers below.cb lvl 83 pure! includes 50mil in price!this is my pure. i am quitting runescape and wanted to make a little money for all the time i put in. im selling this by pay pal. price:$70, willing to negotiate. i will let you go on to the account to look at it. then decide if you want to buy it. if you buy it, when i see the money on my pay pal i will trade over the 50mil from this non-member account (baker4747). it has Mith Gloves/ DT/ Book of Balance/Animal Magnatism. also has all the requirements for addy gloves. just need to do the quest! please trust me! i will not scam you! i just want to get a little money out of the time i put into runescape. here is the account all this stuff will be included with the account! this account got a 24 hour mute febuary 2, 2011. for offensive language. there is the account. if you are intrested then please comment below and we can talk prices![RSGP] Selling lvl 73 1 def pure->FULLY QUESTED!Looking to sell my 1 def beast for RSGP as i need to fund my zerker, this account comes with about 13m and there are and there are recoves which will be given to the buyer since i can't take them off because of ******* jagex. This account is amazing! never been botted on or anything and FULLY Quested! I WANT RSGP only; i am not new to sythe i just never buy/sell accounts and for this reason i don't have post count. Reply to this thread and i will add you thanks i can verify in game or whatever you'd like, Thanks.Selling chaotic pure has maul and 111k tokensI need 50m cash willing to do 50/50 . I will not pay for a but will be willing to do one with good vouches. More pics after swiftkit stops msessing upSelling pure 99 woodcut 89 herby, 94 mage 94 cooking/ DT done ( 1 2 3)Hey, I'm looking to sell my pure. Pretty bored of pking right now but yeah. Looking for RSGP to start a new main Pictures below, I will not be going first! If you don't want to go first then we use an OMM. Pictures below feel free to bid but nothing stupid. Membership until the end of May. Recoverys will be removed when I find a serious buyer Quests Skills Feel free to contact me on [email protected] or leave a post
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