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    [PayPal]Selling AMAZING level 68 Hybrid! 1 DEF![PayPal]Has no recoveries bank pin comes with 12m and dt and all important quests done. My is [email protected] add me and we will discuss it. I will use an OMM of my choice. I will pay fees. Pics: tinypic/r/einipc/3 tinypic/r/2roi3pv/3 tinypic/r/e6zo0m/3 tinypic/r/2n7ec5d/3 PayPal ONLY! A/W $100 USD Also comes with members.RSGP 99 range - 85 magic - 70 hp - 1def - 71cb !Yo trading this beast pure. ! a/w is 25m I wont go first if you want an omm fine, youl pay him. Uploaded with Uploaded with[SALE] Awesome F2P Range/2hI will go first if I see you as a respected member of the community, otherwise you can pay the MM costs, or you can go first. This account is a great pker, I pked about 15M in a couple of days on this account, it's lethal! Please post your offers below or simply PM me You will receive the account detail including, email, passwords, recoveries etc. STATS; LOG IN; (if anymore images are needed just ask me)S> [RSGP] Lvl 91 Main 3x99 & Lvl 77 2x99hey i am selling these mains for rsgp. Lvl 91 A/W 30M Lvl 77 A/W 10M if interested add me on [email protected]|Selling almost maxed zerk | 99str 99magic, 99 hunter, 90range |Edit:74Cb skiller[paypal]here are his skills p.s im the one with the skillcape i take paypal only and the a/w is 10$ contact me via pm or email me at [email protected] ss of bank:[RSGP]Boss Pure D clawer! 99Str~99Hunt~DT~MM[RSGP]Selling my D-claw pure, he's pro... Blitz/Claw... Getting rid of him because I don't like claw rushing, and i'm starting my new pure. Info: great total 1.1k+, a lot of good stats, range is kind of low, but its not hard. I'll leave claws on the account so you have some money, 17m isn't much too me. RSGP ONLY, Will leave claws on account for you. add my : [email protected] Looking for 100m Has like 10m in supplies in bank aswell(RSGP/PAYPAL)[PURE/1DEF]94 Mage/DT DONE/Decent Stats[PURE/1DEF](RSGP/PAYPAL)I can tell most of you have already guessed I am selling this account. Please do not be scared off by my amount of posts and creation date. It means nothing, really. I am willing to use an OMM (you pay) I WILL go first, IF you are: 600+ posts(with more then 10 legitimate vouchers [not including minor services]) First to staff members, high amounted donators with a good amount of vouchers. I am taking Paypal Cash, or Runescape GP for this account, DT is complete, as well as Animal Magmetism, 800k + wealth, 2 brawlers. Below is a number of account pictures. Offences: Login: Statistics and Wealth: Quests: I am open for offers, and i hope to sell this account in the coming days. ~Benjamin.
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