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    [RSGP] Selling 8 accountsAcc 1: Uploaded with Original owner = me Acc 2: Uploaded with Original owner = me Acc 3: Uploaded with Original owner = me Acc 4: Uploaded with Original Owner = me Acc 5: Uploaded with Original Owner = me Acc 6: Uploaded with Original Owner = NOT ME Acc 7: Uploaded with Original Owner = NOT ME Rolled Back Account ^ Acc 8: Uploaded with Original Owner = NOT ME 1. MY ONLY IS [email protected] COPY PASTE IT to be certain it works and is the right one 2. I won't go first we can use a OMM/MM/VMM you pay fee's unless the price is reasonable 3. MAILS WILL BE REMOVED BEFORE BOUGHT 4. Pins will be given 5. Recover questions will be given(unless it are one of the 2006 dating accounts i don't remember those) 6.POST HERE and PM ME ur if u want to buy a account place here ur offers also 7. ACCOUNTS WICH AREN'T ORIGINALLY MINE WILL BE GIVING AS MUCH DETAILS AS I GOT ON THEM TO U RSGP ONLY i am also selling a bunch of lvl 3s with everything 1 with username login's for those who are interested mostly crap namesBuying a PureI'm offering my lvl 137 main for max pure or nearly max pure. 80+ dung is a a win . I know this might look suspicous but I'm not trying to scam so if there's any other info you need feel free to PM me.Selling level 88 ownage Initiate Pure! [RSGP]Hello guys, selling this initiate pure as I am done with it and have my main to play with. I do not scam, however I will not go first as I can't afford to lose my account. A/w is at 250m, and my email is [email protected] Stats: Main tab: Bank: Quests: The account has dt completed, along with mm and has rune gloves. If interested, contact me via and we can talk from there, thank you.selling beast chaotic pure with rare name ( 1 2)NEW A/W IS 125$ OBO hey guys im here to sell my chaotic pure must see its beast. can get addy gloves if you do recipie for disaster, all quest and stats req are there. no A/W but looking for a nice ammount accepting rsgp and paypal will consider mains and turmoil pures if your trusted. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with there will be no bank besides rapier and a few quest items. my is [email protected] post comment before you add my .Level 94 Pure with 97 dung!Quit this account, don't want the account-make me an offer either rsgp or paypal $ You will pay first unless your trusted. The account has chaotic rapier, maul, staff,arcane stream, full runecrafting robes, and korasi. UPDATE!~JUST GOT 98 DUNGEONEERING AND VIGOUR. Add me on if interested at imoatuzi 91 cmb turmoil zerker! ( 1 2)hey, all i'm selling my turmoil zerker... it has done rfd up to b gloves, mm, dt,lunars. Taking only real life cash. so place here your offers... You can contact me by pm me in this forum or e-mail. [email protected] here's some photos: Quests: Green zone: P2p combat (still memb) Prayers: Stats: (now 80 wc) Other info:Combat Level 90 [2 99's] Members till SeptemberSELLING For RSGP! Selling, PM Me in Game on my skiller - RSN: Cold Rainbow Or Leave a comment 99 Woodcutting 99 FiremakingLevel 62 Pure -Addy Gloves- Great Fully Quested Starter Pure-CLOSED- Sold to BlowBaroN for 10m
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