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    Selling nice 2def pure 99mage,99 str & 99wc.Addygloves, DT done ( 1 2)So i'm selling nice pure I'm accepting only rs cash and paypal. Acc dont got recoveries or bank pin, Also account dont got email anymore its removed. Im new here but still I'm not going first if your not so trusted othwerwise you will go first or use if you pay it from your own money Acc got full Unholy book with all 4 pages (cost almost 15M) Acc is done DT, monkey maddnes and it got addy gloves and avas accumalator etc, 52 prayer is good for claws pk when you use smite on non high risk world you can get claws with luck Account combat lvl is 80 (defence is not giving any cb lvls) So give me offers via paypal or rsgp for more info add my or pm here or post here add my : [email protected] here is pictures:Selling staker [RSGP]- Original and only owner, you can look trough my vouches to see if im trusted. - Will not go first, willing to use omm, you pay fees. Pictures: Pm me or offer here, no a/w set. Thanks.Selling Runepure 95str l Rune defender l Dragon gloves l lunars compelted!!My time has come for this account, i am willing yo sell it for RSGP / Paypal As you can see it has completed lunars and got dragon gloves QP is 111 and it can still be turned into turmoil zerker, it also has a gilded altar inside the house which i can verify in game for you. Well here are some pics please bid if your interested no items will be taken off! A/W $30 40M Email will be taken off when a serious buyer comes along [email protected] is my only [RSGP] Selling Very Good Tank , 99 Range [RSGP]Hello , Im Selling a Level 94 Combat with 99 Range And 94 Mage , This Account has Done A Few Good Quests and Are on The Pictures I Dont Mind how you Offer But we will Be Using a OMM Or MM Because This Account has Got No Recoveries but Will Change Email To Yours When were doing The Deal also this account has No Wealth , Thanks And Happy Bidding , This Account Also Has Full Void . [email protected][Paypal] Buying A Decent PureI've got £10 ($16.37) and i am looking for a decent pure with abit of money. Post below please99 Atk , Str , Range , Mage Pker / Staker!! 4 99s!!SELLING GREAT PKER / STAKER!! Starting bid: 18$ (PP) or 20m rsgp A/W: 148$ (PP) OR 150M RSGP Methods: #1. i will go 1st to highly trusted sythe members #2. we use OMM (split fees) #3. you 1st. Post here or add my : [email protected] a starter purelooking to buy either a str range or mage starter pure, will pay rsgp or paypalCb 96 1pray 1 Summ Rare Low Lvl Boxer!!!! MustseeSelling a combat lvl 95 1 pray 1 summ!!!! You could see everything on the picture, still a Member for the next month Not going first, do dont add if you think i am. We could use vmm you pay the fees! [email protected] - add me for offers
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