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    Selling a 99 STR & Agility Chaotic Rapier -85 DUNG- ZERKER has 250m+I''m interested in City of Heroes now for some reason and I want to sell my RuneScape account to start power leveling. Have a good look at the account, and I hope it takes your interest. I will give all Recovery questions and an e-mail change after we exchange details. NOTE: The reason for the 183m instead of 250m+ in the death screen is because the Zaryte Bow is broken and as you all know when an item is broken it no longer has a price until it is fixed again. Anywho, let's begin. The account naked is already around $60-70. Adding the items and money, combine using .55/m, adds another $150+ Start bidding. A/W is $155. Contact my via @[email protected] Pay using PayPal. EDIT: My GzP username is vinnydpogi and I got them mixed up, if you would like me to provide more evidence that this is my account I'll re-do the pictures so It says TwilightShot instead of vinnydpogi.Great pure for sale--------Hey guys im selling this pure. got bored of it since i cant get a proper fite at edge w/o geting rushed -.-. im no good at hybriding so im selling this acc. Will also be opening fire cape shop soon for mains so keep in contact A/W: 150m 20 days member left or so E-mail will be given to the person so it can be changed to theres great stats! fully quested(addy gloves mm dt) Has f cape stream and chaotic The account has no offences My - [email protected] current offer: 60m h3llgirl-rs CASH/ITEM WILL BE REMOVED AFTER THE TRADEBuying Pures!Got a lot of cash piled up so im looking to buy some pures, a G mauler with ancients, fully quested would be perfect. Not interested in any Zerkers as I have 2. Wanted stats 50-60 Attack (quested would be nice) 95-99 Str 1 Def (Max 4) magic 94+ (Ancients would be preffered) Range above 70 pref I WILL PAY FOR OMM No recovs is a bonusselling 80 dung pure ( 1 2 3)another 1 for sale 200k tokens in it not 80 atk but can be trained to it if requested and price is good CURRENT STATSSelling ags pure | 75 Combat | ADdy gloves | [PAYPAL!!!!!!]Hey guys! Im selling my ags pure, i am not taking rsgp, considering i am quitting runescape, however, I only accept paypal, if you would like to talk about buying this, please leave your , and i will add you right away! And yes, i do not go first. And sorry about it saying "HeyImDan" i made this for powerbot, i can gladly meet you in runescape if you would like proof! sorry about that.Looking to buy a Obby Mauler or Cvls PureGuys im looking to buy a obby mauler or a Corrupt vesta longsword or statius pure[Paypal/RSGP] Selling CB lvl 83 Melee Zerker- 60 ATT/90 STR/43 DEF Quested! Cheap!Yo looking to sell this level 83 zerker. -Accept Paypal or RSGP - Will use for trade or you can go first. - Quest Done: Dragon slayer, death plateau,dudic ritual, lost city, grand tree, horror from the deep, monkey madness, priest in peril ... no desert tresure, lunar, or RFD but ill sell cheap! - Post all offers on thread - : [email protected] Pure - 2 99s , 2 90s - CHEAP!Hello Guys im selling this account , as im making a new pure so I want to get rid of it ASAP , So if your intrested in it just offer These are the Stats This is the Bank Emails/Recovs Email and Recovs will be changed to yours on purchase , Will set a A/W Later.
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