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    S>Starter Pure. 1Pray 1Def[82str][5m only]Selling this account. A/w 5m Willing to go first if you are trusted. Or use omm level 83 Pure [89DUNGEON!][150kTokken]RECOVERY will be removed in 1-3days. A/W : 450$ or 600M I accept Paypal WU RSGPselling - MAXED PURE - 95 combat - 1 defense - fully questedthis account is flawless for pking and can be molded into any kind of account. if you want to discuss a price or have any question about the account send me a private message and we will find a method of communication.Buying All High Level accounts. [ Rsgp, Swaps ]Hello i am buying all higher level accounts. Must post pics, or atleast stats. I have many pures/skillers, or rsgp. Thanks.Selling 2 Accounts, CHEAP!!!Hey guys i new to this site Well All i gotta say is i am hundred percent legit. Even tho i'm new i will guarantee no scams, and no hack backs. I promise. Other else then that. Happy Bidding Guys, I Prefer RSGP Over Real life cash 1st Account: 800k 2nd Account: 500k Any Questions please just send me a email. I'll get back to you ASAP Contact: [email protected] AMAZING 67 [PAYPAL ONLY]I'm Selling My Old PRO Pure. I am quitting : / getting into xbox so cba with this game. PAYPAL ONLY. You first or a OMM you pay fees. It has addy gloves DT everything a pure needs . Post on here before adding my . I am the original owner .A/W=100$ STATS BANK QUESTSSelling a nice Zerker!We will be using a MM for these trades, we can split the cost or they are at your expense. I'm open to offers. RSGP Only; Add my /Post here/PM me. Zerker pure; 60 Attack, 80 Str, 82 Mage, 78 Range, Quested. DT done, MM done; It has recoveries but I have all the info + the recoveries themselves; Will remove email upon request and supply recovs + Info. Login: Stats: Bank: Nothing much to talk about here.Poll: Selling Incredible Zerker and 1 def pure! LOOK! ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)1 Def pure Notables: Addy gloves Dt/mm etc. 60 attack flexibility 100% quested attack I recommend using official OMM Dingo212 since he offers 50% off for in thread advertising. Please see his fees here Please refer to this thread for more info!
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