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    [RSGP] 2 Amazing Accounts ! [Paypal]Account 2 (Berserker Pure) Has venge and DT ! Fully quested with rune gloves ! Account 3(Rune Pure) This account was rolled back and has MM and DT done. 99hunter ! Methods of payment __________________ -Pure Account swaps. -OG's -Verified Paypal from trusted members. -RSGP[290+ Vouches][105+ Acc's Sold] Lvl 75 Pure | Str 90, Mage/Range 84 | Decent BankSOLD! For more accounts visit my account shop. Thanks[10+vouches]Selling 1 def pure! Nearly maxed! [RSGP]Autowin: 50m Willing to take offers though. Email: [email protected] Cmb: 80 Stats: Quests: Log in: Bank: Around 4m. Has ghosty robes and other quest items. Haven't spent any of the dungoneering tokens. You will either go first or we will use an (O)MM.Level 80 account... 99 thieve/99 fletch/90 mage/84 range+range void...moreGot a level 80 account.. with desert treasure done and good stats.. full void too!!! pics below.. Member ship ends today.... recoverys you will have to change yourself since theres a now rule jegex made and you cant delete them... Email i will change to yours once you give me the cash.. Account i got from around 9 months ago... so all the info i got about this account is the email... recoverys.. last 3 passwords... ip address... last 4 number of credit card(when i bought membership).. all that i will give to you after you give cash... And since i am not the original owner i WILL not go first cause i may not be able to recover this account... i DONT PLAY IT... SO I WAITED TILL TODAY FoR THE MEMBERSHIP TO BE OUT SO I GOT MY MONEYS WORTH... thanks.. just pm me or send a email to [email protected] to talk... I will go first if a trusted member wants to trade... THANKS 20M IS THE DEAL NO LOWER... NO HIGHER..i got a main and i have no cash on it since i got scammed of 42m....(bought a lvl 131 and got token back..) The 20m will be traded to my main and after that all info will be given to you.Selling lvl 76 Zerker [RSGP ONLY]selling zerker pure!! email or me for details and price email: [email protected] 45 defence account maxed with high skills or alot of money on ithey im buying a 45 maxed zerker with high skills on it or alot of rsgp.. pm me interested[CHEAP] 1 Def Pure58 Cb 47 attk 73 str 1 def 29 pray 66 farm cool name (in the bawlz), dragon skimmy quest done ..... we will use mm or u can go first.. i dont want a lot of cash for this pure selling it pretty cheap. need money for my main. make a offer. so reply or add my make me a offer [email protected] Zerker/B Gloves/99 str/Lunar+Ancient/Almost MaxedS> Level 97 Zerker Good Stats Has Lunars + Ancients Barrow Gloves Torso Now 80 Attack! 180 Quest Points! Accepting Trades for 1 Def Pures or Skillers Also accepting runescape gold (GP) Paypal via gift or playerup Skills Equipment Account History Quest Points Please Post here and leave your email and i'll contact you
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