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    [BUY] Claw Rusher w/ 99 strength [RSGP]I am buying a runescape low level claw rusher with RSGP, post below and add my . We will be using an OMM/ MM during this trade!RSGP lv 73 DDS RUSHER - EPIC PKERLv 73 dds rusher, Stats: 60 attack 94 strength 1 defence 80 range 31 prayer 85 magic 76 hit points 65 crafting 62 mining Pro pker, Will post pics when i have time Offer rsgp / $ via PP Starting bid: 40m Recoveries removed Email set / will be removed All info will be added - prev passes, recoveries, creation date and location[rsgp] Selling almost maxed initiate pure with 8 99s / Overloads(99 herb) [rsgp] ( 1 2)SOLD. Close please.Selling 95+7 Turm Zerker [rsgp] Onlyselling lv 95+7 turmoil zerker tired of pking just wanna stat on my main accepting rsgp only! hit me with offers and add me on at [email protected] or post here pms are also accepted! yes it has a bank pin yes it has recovs and all that and will be given to the buyer pics Uploaded with[SALE] Fully Quested, Almost Maxed Obby Mauler [SALE]sythe/showthread.php?p=96...=1#post9621910[rsgp] account shop [rsgp]Hi, xtoldyoux here selling some awsome accounts. before reading further, I will only accept RSGPor Paypal. If your intressed in an account add my : [email protected] I will ALWAYS use a VMM, unless ur really trusted and that means over 60 feedback. Note1: Most accounts still have an email this is for my security, I will remove them before the VMM checks them. Account 1: a nice starter pure with 50 summoning and imbound rings and a 3 letter name. Account 2: a nice barrows pure with 99 runecrafting, B gloves, Lunar's, ancient and korasi! Account 3: a starter zerker pure with ancients, void and a firecape aswell as rune gloves. Account 4: a pure with 2 defence, ancients,addy gloves, crystalbow and 99 hunter. Account 5: a initate pure with rune gloves, 84 dungeoneering ( NO TOKENS ), rune gloves, firecape, and ancients. Account 6: a 99 hunter pure, great to farm on Account 7: Starting turmoil zerker, with ancients, rune gloves and chaotic rapier. Happy bidding.[RSGP]Level 63 Hybrid Pure - DT Done - Members[RSGP] ( 1 2)Hi there. I am selling this amazing level 63 pure. No blackmarks Never been botted Great Pker (Unless your me... Lol) I bought this account from Argue, a banned member on sythe. sythe/showthread.php?t=1136048 As you can tell, I bought this account in late May, and the stats are identical. I haven't played on this account, until recently. I made it a member, and I suck at pking. I'm going to resale it for the same price I bought it. Only this time it comes with membership! Price lowered to 30m! I bought for 50m!!!!!! You will go first, or pay for an omm.paypal- Buying turmoil 50-defence - paypalhello. im buying a turmoil account via paypal from TRUSTED MEMBERS sick of having accounts recovered on me.. req: barrow gloves ,or rune 150qp+ 95prayer + turmoil unlocked. 94+ magic lunar diplomacyor 60 mining/crafting w.o completed will use OMM + recovery test when purchasing post your offers below hopefully find a deal for the both of us
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