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    selling void pure! first come first getsjust to say it doesn't have any void but the stats are very good enjoy thanks.Buying Turmoil Rune Pure/ZerkerI'll keep it short..I need a well quested turmoil rune pure or zerker with these stats- 67 Summoning (or enough charms for atleast 67 summoning) 99 strength (or atleast 90+) 60/80 attack A chaotic weapon if its 80 attack Barrows gloves Korasi 95 prayer A high prayer level with DT done would be good. I'll be paying 100m-110m for this account.. I'll be buying the account on Sunday. MM will be used. Add my AND post here if you have such a account for sale, My - [email protected][RSGP] Nice Hybrid, Fully Quested, Great Stats, F2p Staker/P2P BRIDclose no1 wantsselling here lvl 76pure and 82lvl zerker!! must see!hello! so yeah im selling a level 76 and a level 82 both are great and omg.. the lvl 76 isnt anymore 76 cause i just got scammed 10 mins ago and the guy trained 13 defence to the account so he was a fking fag. pics : the lvl 76 when it was a 76 it has now 13defence i51.tinypic/15d5eb.jpg i52.tinypic/117e0t3.jpg i55.tinypic/2s9oghf.jpg i52.tinypic/21enj0o.jpg i51.tinypic/1znu7eo.jpg the zerker : i53.tinypic/2rn979f.jpg i51.tinypic/1z2g7sk.jpg i54.tinypic/w6ukie.jpg if ur intrested just add me on _ : [email protected][Level 78] Great pure for new wild.Pretty much all pure quests done including Desert Treasure Monkey Madness Death Plateau Lost City ORIGINAL OWNER. No one but me has ever been on it. I can provide most of the creation details. Pm or post with an offer I will accept RSGP although I prefer Paypal from trusted or Western Union. Other payment methods such as mailing etc can be discussed. NOT INTERESTED IN SWAPS AT ALLRSGP 50 Attack Mauler 94 Mage, DT, 90 Strength, 88 RangeSold. Please LockAlmost maxed mage boxer LOOK!playerup/offer/...aker-56018138/[sell] Turmoil Pure [rsgp].....
Thread Status:
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