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    [SELLING] Fully Maxed 20 Def Pure EXTREMELY RICH::99 Range,Mage,Str,Att,Hp::[RSGP/WU]Ok this is one of my maxed pures which has nearly 1.4bill of items on it, here are the rules: 1. I WILL NOT GO FIRST (unless you are OMM) 2. If rsgp OMM fee on you, or if WU i will receive the money before i give account information No A/W Set atm, But anything offered under 500$ = Spam Report. Contact me: [email protected] Stats Pictures: THIS ACC HAS ONLY BEEN BOTTED AGILITY LVL 88-98 EVERYTHING ELSE DONE BY HAND. The str range mage have been 99 for years. Here is the bank pic: Look at the total net worth: (if you want to know what the items are i can tell you in priv, Lots of rares. I'm the original owner of this acc, i know all the details and the first password etc. WILL REMOVE/GIVE recoveries/email after i find a buyer. Few quest pics: ONLY HAS MITH GLOVES =- DT DONE, MM DoneRoberto912 Account shop for all your needsI am selling these accounts Account 1 Starting bid starts at $15 or 25m RSGP A/W = $60 or 75M RSGP email will be taken off once a legit buyer turns up and All information of the account will be given there and then. Account 2 Starting bid at $5 or 10m RSGP A/W = $20 or 27m RSGP add my if your a serious buyer please:[email protected] or post a offer on this thread with your email and ill get back to.[rsgp] Maxed Initiate Pure / 99 Str,mage,range Maxed [rsgp]Hey guys, want a cheap and quick sale on my old account. If you'd like more screenshots,information etc. Let me know by posting ON THIS THREAD (PMS WILL BE IGNORED) your and we can talk. A/W 30-50m Depending on your vouches. Good trades: 2 Bad trades: 5 W is 8m. Contact me on [email protected], don't pm me. If a scam occur, I will immediately report it here, and I will only trade with people that has vouches. If you don't even have an account here on Sythe, I won't even talk to you. Don't bother messing around with me. I will ignore you as fast as possible tbh if you do any of those. Pictures: Thanks, LolTrollLol[paypal] Amazing Ini Pure| Rune Gloves| Firecape| 100% Quested | ( 1 2)Hi, Basically I am quitting rs, feel its finally time to move on could do with some money as i'm saving for a car irl. I have owned this account alone since day 1, and have never botted, I am willing to sell the 139m separate to the account, its your choice. We Will use OMM which fees will be split on. I am also prepared to recov check, but you must pay the fee for this. I have No current AutoWin, just listening to offers. The account has done the main quests; - Desert treasure - Monkey Madness - Got to Rune gloves on RFD - 20 Def COMPLETELY quested Thanks for looking - [email protected] 75-98-1, 91 range 99 mage, 91 smith, 90 agil.Original owner hacked it back. Lmfao wow. Close.{rsgp} Selling Level 89 {rsgp}i am currently selling this account due to it not being in use for a while and i remember i had it so anyways i will realease all the account info as soon as you pay me pay half for password then other half for account recoveries bids start at buy it now for 2m anyways my email is [email protected] for those who have already read my other posts please do not add me instantly then start talking leave a comment first GOOD LUCK AT THE BUYER[SWAP][PAYPAL]Zerk Near Maxed[]K guys, im wanting a pure really bad for a clan that i was previously in, im swapping this near maxed zerk, i will pass a recovery test with OMM, Im looking for at least 85 Magic, 85 Range and 85 strength with 80+ Hp with a good amount of quests done. but here are some screenshots of the account ; 7-8 Days left of mems, [email protected] Hit me up with an add.
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