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    Lvl 90 1 def pure. 99 Str, 99 Range 90 Attack ... HELP PLEASHHHI just want to know how much a level 90 with the following stats would be worth: 90 Attack 99 Strength 99 Range 91 HP 81 Mage 1 Defense 44 Prayer All quests except for Recipe for Disaster. IF I LIKE THE PRICING, I WILL UPLOAD PICTURES AND TURN THIS INTO A SELL THREAD. Thanks.Amazing level 96+6 99 str zerker, (rsgp)/(swap)the account does have recoveries/email. They will be removed im semi-new to sythe but not an love you email: [email protected] the zerk only has mith gloves, but other then that its great, it has lunar/dt done etc..Scammer 29mmEveryone, donot trust 29mm, he is a scammer, hes trying to sell a level 69 with 99 mage pure, do not trust him. he scammed me of 30m, and his accounts are = crispy pker/ email is [email protected], please do not trust him, thank you, and he has a level 3 name I trilogy I,[SWAPS] My 69 Cb pure 99 mage Dt mith gloves ALL INFO [swaps]Title says all, looking for a good main pker or zerker/tank with veng must be quested. best 70 def tank, 24m, 99 dung, Chaotic staff/Cbow, Arcane, and more!! ( 1 2)ACCOUNT IS SOLD This is simply the best 70 def tank you will ever find on the market, having every thing you could possibly ever need, Even ring of vigor for double msb spec's! This account has rigour prayer and augury prayers unlocked! Along with Chaotic crossbow, Chaotic staff, Arcane stream, ring of vigour(for double msb specs!) fire cape, void, and much more!! Please note: I am only selling for CASH and ONLY via playerup(They accept PayPal and Credit Card payments) To buy please follow this link(Also please read very bottom of post for further understanding as to how you are 100% safe from me ever recovering): playerup/offer/...-bow-52218607/ Price: $115 USD(via Stats: 24M total comes with the account(18m in cash): Untradeables(all 3 god books full, 30m+ value): Rigour+Augury unlocked: 200k Dungeoneer tokens to buy anything you want with: Lunar+DT done (Quest for hand cannon, and zanik's bow and much more as well): No offense record: Login details(Jagex made it so you can no longer take away recoveries, but i will give you the answers that you can use until your own are set): For anyone worried about accounts being recovered, please read the following: has my photo ID, and my address and other personal information. If i were to recover an account and you report me to them for it they would pursue legal action against me. Not to mention they have buyer insurance where if an account is recovered they refund you your money in market credits to purchase another account of the same price. Also i'd supply you with previous pass's, Transaction ID, where i created the account, ISP created under, and the recovery answers upon purchase.[RSGP] Selling 99mining,84fishing,75smithing acc. [CHEAP]I dont really want much for this account. Just give me a bid. i change e-mail when i found a serious buyer.RSGP CHEAP! 69 cb pure 99 mage mith gloves DT ( 1 2)ok i know im new and i will go first to any1 who is trusted, i will use OMM i dont mind. The account has a 4 lletter name is kinda good. owns in wildy has mith gloves full zammy book and guthix book. A/W is 40m no lower lower as im now working on my near maxed main : [email protected][RSGP/PP]Selling Zerk | 99Fletch | 87Str | Classic/Vet Cape | QUESTED | Pro Pker[5m+]sold thank you
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