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    F2P Pure! [99 Strength] [Gravite] ( 1 2)Hi everyone, I am looking to sell this f2p pure. It is an email log-in, with 99 strength and a gravite 2h. At level 69 combat it is a beast. I am looking for RSGP ONLY. Because I am not trusted here and because i will not go first an official mm will be used. A/W 70m - just an autowin doesn't mean it will hit that. Current Offer - 50m Feel free to ask any questions. You can message me via - jakubachu or [email protected]::Markhulme::..Selling level 85 Zerker, Fast/CheapHello, i'm wanting to sell this zerker fast, wondering why? I don't need to tell you. Just need the money. A/W is 15M account has members ends May 23rd. Pics: NO EMAIL NO RECOVS!!! Disclaimer: 1. I will not go first. 2. I will only use trusted MM's or OMM's that I approve of. 3. Before you go "same lobby pic" Check the time of memberships fags. 4. No refunds, no trade backs, No account swaps. 5. Accepting RSGP only at this current moment. 6. Always Ask for a PM.Selling Lvl 82 zerk, 91 Mage/ 88 Ranged/ 84 StrenghtHey selling my zerker wich i never use, it has done Lunar, MM, All skills and allmost all quests to complete whole rfd (rune gloves atm). i am the only owner and have all info. well not much more to say Uploaded with Uploaded with PS: Only rsgp A/W: 15M (3M in bank)[RSGP] Subnovah's accounts shop! [RSGP] ( 1 2)Selling my accounts, only looking for rsgp. ALSO GOT A RUBBER CHICKEN ACCOUNT vvv Account 2: I also have a holiday items account as far back as skeletal clothes, reindeer mask and jack latern mask vvv Account 3 Account 4: Main account from '07 This account doesnt have much in the bank but its an okay account. Has holiday items from back in '07. If you're trusted ill go first but if not you go first. Idk howmuch these account are worth, just post your offers and if i think its a good deal. We shall trade. EDIT: Also, if anyone would like a starter main with about 3m bank and 99 wc let me know, and i'll put him up. ThanksQuested Zerk | 45 Defence | 90 Magic | Unholy Book | RSGPSelling my quested zerk for RSGP has done DT Rfd up to drag gloves has Salve ammy Can train stats fast at armoured zombies A/w 50m Current bid ?Selling BEAST Level 70 | 1 Def Pure With 86 Strength and 99 Hunting |I am only accepting Paypal or RSGP. I will go first if I deem you trusted. AutoWin $40/50m[PP/RSGP] Selling 2 BEAST Accounts [RSGP/PP]I am selling 2 of my pures for either paypal or rsgp, i take either now. I will not go first UNLESS you are HIGHLY trusted. I am trusted for i have vouches from mm's and omm's. We can use mm's or omm's but you will pay fees. I havent really set an A/W for both but dont think about offering like 10m lol. Here are pics. First, Lv75. A/W: Not set Lastly, my lv82 AGS pure. A/W: Not set If you are interested contact me on : [email protected] a handcannon accountBuying handcannon account must be based on range so no level 85s with 75 range... Ill buy any levels below 88.
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