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    Buying Boxer!Looking to buy a mid lvl boxer with the stats 80+. Post here with pictures of the account and the amount you'll consider selling it. : [email protected] Don't bother adding me if you haven't posted on this thread.Buying runescape turmoil pure via paypaladd me on if interested : [email protected][Selling] Turmoil Zerker, (Korasi/Firecape,Vigour,Arcane-streametc.)74 dung ( 1 2)Hello Sythe, im selling my turmoil zerker for Paypal Will Use OMM, please contact me through or on here. thanks : [email protected] : [email protected] : [email protected] Pic's YOU CAN BUY THE ACCOUNT WITH THE $ ON IT OR NOT(COST MORE) HAS ABOUT 150M. Remember just post or add my to contact me about the account. Thanks : [email protected] 92Range,82Str,50Atk,73Mage,52Prayer - Level 64 Selling a badass level 69 pure with 93range, 83str50atk92mage and 52prayer!, has a 99range skillcape (exp was cut in half) Post offer's here !! i will reply! HAS RUNESCAPE CLASSIC CAPE // VETERAN'S CAPE & HOOD!! : [email protected] Pic's POST OFFER'S OR ADD MY : [email protected][RSGP]Nearly Maxed Fully Quested turmoil PURE FOR SALE.[RSGP]!!MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hey there, I'm selling this Beast Turmoil PURE!!! P.S I have tried selling this on other websites but found no interested buyers paying a good price so I joined sythe to take a look if I could find a buyer This is a little list of what comes with this awesome account - -Fire Cape -Slayer Helmet -95 Prayer (Turmoil Ready to smash) -84 Dungeoneering (Chaotic Rapier) (Arcane Necklace) -99 Range -93 Hp -91 Strength -94 Mage -Quests - Temple of Stat, MM, DT, RUNE GLOVES - COMPLETE. -Membership Till the 24th Of August 2011! -Rare 4 Digit Name. -Gilded Alter in House Stats - i55.tinypic/29q16x5.png Important Items - i52.tinypic/hs9rpd.png Login Screen - i55.tinypic/nv72ic.png Offences - i55.tinypic/2j30ajo.png Quests - i56.tinypic/141hwqs.png Another Huge bonus with this account is that It's a turmoil pure which Means It will get accepted into Pureclans, where Big cash flows in from pk trips. You may be wondering why I'm selling this account..? The reasons are - I am selling this because my main account has been premoted and I must put more time and effort into my mains clan So I have no time to play this pure, regretably I made this account a member yesterday, and got premoted about 2 hours later. (lol). This is why I would much prefer RSGP, then paypal but I am negotiable. PLEASE READ THIS - I DO NOT WANT ANY SWAPS. How to contact me -> - [email protected] - Feel free to ask me any questions. Pm - Feel free to send me a message via Sythe. Post on the thread - I will be checking the thread regulary so any updates will be seen by myself and I will get back into contact with you. For Interested Buyers Please read this - I will not be going first in any way. I am the only and original person to have ever logged onto the account. We can Use a VMM or you will go first. Too get better hold of me would be via , Please only serious offers or I will report the comment as spam. Enjoy bidding. Edit/Delete Messagelvl 79 rune pure fully quested -fire cape-rune gloves- 99 minning- 2m bank00000000000000____00000______0000 000000000000000___00000_____00 000 0000000000000000__00000____000 00 00000_____000000__00000___0000 0 00000_____000000__00000__00000 0000000000000000__0000000000 000000000000000___0000000000 00000000000000____00000__00000 00000_____________00000___0000 0 00000_____________00000____000 00 00000_____________00000_____00 000 00000_____________00000______00000 all day long with this acc lvl 79 rune pure fully quested 99 minning veng. stats-- quest-- bank-- - ibenxi - [email protected]****FULLY QUESTED CHAOTIC PURE**** rapier and maul 89 dung ( 1 2)I am selling my 20 def chaotic pure to fund my tank ranger pure i do not play this char anymore. It has Chaotic Rapier Chaotic Maul Ring of Vigor, Full Zammy book Rune gloves DT MM FULLY QUESTED all rfd done with 89 Dungineering I WILL NOT GO FIRST we will either use a OMM AT YOUR EXPENSE or you will go first HAS NO RECOVS SET. Unregistered email. is not a email login was made in 2007 No blackmarks. RSGP only i am trying to fund another pure Bids will start at MINIMUM 20m Autowin will be 100m = [email protected] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Please no lowball offer WILL NOT TAKE SWAPS OR PAYPAL DONT ASK SCAMMERS GTFO i wont fall for it[***Apple's exclusive pure shop***]Gooday sythe users, welcome to my exclusive pure shop! More account will be added soon when they are ready. Zeal pures, dung pures. I'm accepting paypal, rsgp(0.5$/m), bank transfer,mail,WU. I'd prefere to use a very trusted mm in every trade or an OMM you will pay for it. Will I go first? why risk something when I can guarantee my safety by a mm. click here to go to my exclusive main shop : [email protected] All prices are set on auto win it's negotiable. It might be a little high but you get what you paid for. I do offer after sale service, if the acc gets locked i'll try to help to unlock it as long if you didnt sell the acc i'm not helping you to scam people. account 1: lvl 77 staker, got Rapier, 90str, 80atk, 85hp,94mage, 91 mining price: 30$ account 2: lvl 84 60atk pure! 99str,99hp, 81ranged, 94 magic, dt done, addy gloves. price: 50$ account 3: lvl 86 rune pure, got barrows gloves, dt done. 92str, 95 magic good skills. 1645 total. fully quested price: 30$ account 4: lvl 94 rune pure, 99str, 94 magic, got rune gloves, price: 40$ vouches: Quote: Originally Posted by beast brooks hahaha I LOVE this guy. He's awesome. Bought a second acc from him and boy I wanna buy 10 more from him haha. BIG VOUCH AGAIN! Quote: Originally Posted by behindu2 I vouch for this guy quick buy, nice guy, trustworthy.. account 5 is awesome!!!!!!!!! Quote: Originally Posted by beast brooks Big Vouch for apple! He talked to me for like 2 hrs about the wrong acc and still didn't get mad! Sold me lvl 126 acc and gave me some starter money! Really is the most awesome account seller! Look forward to doing business w/him again!
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