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    ~~~!!~AMAZING PURE 97 att/99 str~!!~~~I'm taking RSGP ONLY! - The money in pics stays on account, so looking for some decent offers Also - keep in mind, the name is EXTREMELY rare, as it's only two letters. I will not be going first under any circumstances - with the exception of a mod/100+ Feedbacks. will be used if requested, under your expenses. Must be an Official/verified Middle Man as well. Combat level is 97. Post/pm// me. : [email protected] : fplatedBloodpker798's Account Shop {AWESOME ACCOUTNS! MUST SEE!}Hello sythe, welcome to my account shop. I know I'm new to Sythe, but I'm hoping I can earn you guys' trust. Account 1: I'm selling this level 102 Zerker with 269 qps and it's nearly maxed. I will sell it for RSGP or PayPal. Account 2: I'm selling this level 32 with 99 crafting, fletching, and mining. I will sell it for RSGP or PayPal. Account 3: I'm selling this level 76 with 99 def and fletching. Possible Staker or Tanker. Account 4: I'm selling this level 83 range tanker. Account 5: I'm selling this level 118 with 95 prayer and barrows gloves - it's a boss in PVP.[RSGP] Selling Lvl 76 Pure [RSGP]Hey Guys im selling my lvl 76 pure... it has good stats for staking aswell as pking and an ok amount of stuff in bank. There is no email registered but the recovery questions are still pending...i am trying to remove them atm but have been facing some difficulties... if they are not removed by the time of sale then i will give all answers which can be verified before finalizing the purchase. I have no problem in using a OMM if buyer pays the fees A/W 50M I will also accept zerker accounts to swap with. Login - Stats- Bank- Quests- Combat- You can post here.... PM me on forums or send me an email on [email protected][Rsgp] 68 combat-rapier_1def/pray/summon(24 days of membership)closedSelling NICE lvl 80 Zerker.. 91 RANGE! It currently has Recov's and Email however I WILL delete them if thats what it will take for you to buy or I WILL provide them. A/W is set at 25M (might be high, so dont troll me about it ;p)Buying RS PURE!!!!! Under 50 dollars!!!Hey guys, i was looking to buy a good, solid, 1 defence rs pure for somewhere around 50$.... i could go a bit higher but around 50 is good. Split OMM fees and please, as always, no scamming.Selling 60 96 1 pure|addy gloves|90 range|94mage|52sum,pray[Paypal]recovered money. fgtFully Finished Turm Zerker! Full Void! Firecape! Slay Helm!!Hey, I havnt played my pure in awhile and just seems like a waste for it to sit.. Recoverys can be removed upon trade, and when the mm tells me how to do it now? I will only use a OMM you pay fees otherwise you go first. I may use trusted free mm. Also if you want to offer western union I can put some gp on the account Another thing, I paid by cash for members until aug 2011 Please post here then pm me Ill add you. Again I WILL NOT GO FIRST DONT ASK. I am looking for RSGP OR WESTERN UNION ONLY. NO SWAPS NO SWAPS NO SWAPS C/b: a/w: not set.
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