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    [F-CAPE]AMAZING 60 ATTACK PURE! 99 Mage, 88 str 85 range! FULLY Quested addy gloves!Hey, selling my epic pure because I got 2 def. food in bank. 73 COMBATTpuck91's Account Shop!Hello Sythe! Selling these accounts for RSGP or Paypal. OMM can be used at your expense! I have all info for all accounts i am OO of all except for account 4 but it's 100% secure Account #1 Account #2 Account #3 SOLD!!! Account #4 so there you have it those are all my accounts i'm currently selling! if you have any questions about any of the accounts contact me on - [email protected] - tpuck911 otherwise post your offers here!68 cmbt 95 str 94 magic 1 pray 1 def ( 1 2)- Selling my starter pure - Rules: - I will not go first or you must have 50 vouch - Or 50/50 - Or use OMM and you pay Fee's - Please post offer & . - Starting bid: -10m- - A/W: -none - : [email protected] Made quest for pure Pking (mith gloves also) Bank ~5mbeast tank!level 71 tank! a/w = 21m min bid at 6m! No recovs. original owner. has about 1m left. 40 def. 50 pray. 80 range. i52.tinypic/23ivtyh.png PM for info.Selling level 85 rs accountI am selling a level 84+ runescape account for runescape money, mainly because i have two accounts and i am in need of some rs money. Here are some stats of the level 84+: 70+ in att,str and woodcutting 60+ in rang,def 44+prayer There are more stats but those are th emost important for now. Here are the SOME quest that i have done. -all non members quests -animal magnetism -dwarf cannon -Fremennik trials and isles -Ghost ahoy -Lost city And many more if you want to put a price for it (rs gold) pm me. It roughly has 150k+Buying zerker [MUST HAVE CHAOTIC MAUL]Pretty much buying a zerker with chaotic maul, account ATLEAST must be upto Rune gloves in RFD and MUST have 94 mage, I can't afford a turmoil account atm so looking at non-turm accounts though offer me if you have one and we'll see if we can negotiate. Reply to this or PM me.Selling 80-99-45 With Fire Cape! [email protected]!!Hey guys selling my berserker pure i do not play on this acc and havent done so in a while this is why its going cheap. account is 97+6 combat here are some pictures. A/W = 50m. 50m is the auto win i may take less. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a pm. When selling this account you will either go first or we will use a OMM, we can discuss fees. Thanks for taking a look.[contest] Free Range / Mage Tank [contest]I will be giving my account away for free... If anyone can guess my favourite pker's name! Great range / mage tank. Stats: Recoveries: Quests: bank: First one to answer this question gets the account for free! If this offended any staff of sythe, I can take it off.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.