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    RSGP or PayPal. Resetted unique acc, 99 agy 98 range 17 hpSelling my resetted tank, i used to play much on this but now im focusing on my main, this account is really unique. it has a mix of crazy skills. This account can be turned in to almost every pure. i want a respectable sum for this, but wil go cheap enough for u to buy . I wil not go first, we can do 50-50 but i prefer a omm. u pay. Pm and leave a post if intrested here are some pics: Rare Range Tank -RSGP-Only accepting rsgp, no swaps post or pm any offers, don't even bother trying to scam i've been selling accounts for a while now..Selling 13Pray [Fully Quested] Gmaul Pure w/ Fire CapeHello, I am selling my Granite Maul Pure. This is a one of a kind account because it has a firecape at 13 prayer. It has completed every pure quest except Desert Treasure. (Has all the prequest and reqs complete) So yes this account has addy gloves. With a little bit of training you have a BOSS acount that just wrecks nerdies. The account HAS membership on it untill June1 2011. I am the original owner. I understand I am very new to sythe so I have very limited trust. So I will be going first if i deem you trustworthy. Other than that we could use middle man or an OMM at your cost. Pictures: Keep in mind the rareness of this account. Scammers do not even try. Again I understand I am a new user so my trust is limited. Please contact me at [email protected] (with an 0) Please only contact that msm. Thank you and hmu asapselling 4 great pure! original owned and made to selljust reply which account you want in here ( to be honest i really can't be bothered to re type and make this thread so here is a link to the site i first put it on) mmoexchange/forums/in...?topic=18581.0 nothing has been sold yet1k+ zeals with 99 atk str range & mage!!??closed.Selling Level 60 Pure [RsGp][PP]72 Range 73 Mage 80+ wc/fm/fish 50 att/str 62 dung Desert Treasure done Animal Magnetism done 1k Total 10 days of membership left 7M bank 15M rsgp or 10 USD paypal [email protected] you go first or get mm[PayPal][RSGP] Selling a great pure w/ other accounts!Hello all and thank you for taking your time to read this. Today I am here to offer you a total of four accounts. You can offer on any of them or any combination of them. You can also buy all them for $90 USD or 100M RSGP. PM me on here with any offers or if you want to buy. You can also PM me on [email protected] You may also post here Thanks once again for reading this and have a fantastic day. The rules for this trade: -If you buy on PayPal you will send as a gift with the following note: "This is payment for a digital item I have already received and will not dispute this payment" - You will go first or use OMM at your expense... OR we can maybe work something out. -I will vouch for you after the trade. I would appreciate it if you would vouch for me.selling lvl 66 hybrid with firecape! rsgp!ok sry i cant reallly get pics but there is 1 pic set as my avatar. my computer is messed up. im looking to fund my new staker and need the cash so im ready to let this guy go. here are stats and info on it..... attack 60 strength 73 defence 1 range 70 magic 73 prayer 47...was going for 52 but got tied up constitution 69 firecape full zammy book monkey madness desert treasure sorry doesnt got gloves yet 63 quest points 921 total level this is a very good account for someone who doesnt want to put in most of the effort. it does have email but i cannot access the email it is registered to so i cant get rid of it or access that part. any offers are gladly welcomed i will let it go to the highest bidder. i know im not a trusted member so we can use omm if u pay fees or do 50/50 perhaps if u are trusted. i have 2 vouches and would have 4 but was scammed twice so i never got them 2. private offers or just post swaps just rsgp
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