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    74 Combat 99 Mage 99 Smith [RSGP]Sellen a combat 74 13 def rune gloves pure with 99 mage 99 smith and 1344 total level. I dont have pictures but you can look the acc up. iDreezy is the Rsn. The acc has a email registered so I can let people on to see the acc. The recovs that are on there have been there sine february and I DO NOT know them. This is the first time I've tried to sell my acc so if you think its a scam just keep on lookng. I can remove the registered Email in roughly 1 min for serious buyers. The bankpin is also 1 Day and 11 Hours from removel. I dont have a starting price but I will take bids.[LR/RSGP/Paypal] Selling 1 Defence Chaotic Pure [200k+ Tokens]Alright, so my bro says that he doesn't want this account anymore, so I'm selling it. Current Bid: $25 by Knowles Screenshots: Login: Recoveries and email will be removed ASAP. When you buy this account you will get previous passwords and etc. Stats: Dung Points: Payment Methods: RSGP Paypal Liberty Reserve (Preferred) No A/W has been set yet, so start bidding!1 Defence Pure low hpSelling this pretty decent 1 defence pure, not looking for a huge amount, i am accepting swaps and rsgp i will go first to trusted people. I am loking to swap it for a high level pker such as a rune pure/hand cannon pure or maybe even a tank. A/W for rsgp is 15m The account is soul wars'd using rsbots auths, i am also selling some auths such as dung and many other so if you would like to offer any type of them accounts above i would add an auth into it if i feel like it is worth it. Stats- Combat level is 62, can gain 78 or so strength before levelling again [email protected] is where you can get hold of me, i will be online for quite a bit of the time, do not comment on this thread if you are just spamming or criticising something because it's just pointless ciaoSelling lvl 81-8 pure -----Trusted-----The accout is hand made. Stats: Done all the good pure questes: Items: + Theres about 10 pk set left on the account. Safe: Green-zone I want RSGP for the account place bettween 25m-100m. theres no reckovery, and e-mail I want RSGP for the account place bettween 25m-100m.CB 74 - 99 Range - 99 Mage - 1 Defence - 68M Cash - Many Quests Completed! [PayPal]Here I have my PERFECT Hybrid/Melee pure, 0 defence xp, many quests completed, Adamant gloves, 500 duel arena kill hat, fire cape, 99 Mage, Range & Fletching and NO OFFENSES on the account. Album of account pictures: Make me sensible offers, any stupid offers will be IGNORED. We use OMM and YOU PAY FEES.berserker pure , quested , cheaphey guys its mr popo here , I am selling my berserker pure . has got lunar spells , ancient spells , rune gloves , defence is quested . I know i am not trusted so i will go first to people who are more trusted than me or we can use a middle man . no aw just bid. post here or pm me any questions[PP/RSGP] Selling 3 Beast Pures - 99 [PP/RSGP]I'll keep it short. Selling these 3 Pures for a reasonable price . Please offer. All of these pures are mine and have similar log in names (Proof that they're mine). I HAVE TAKEN OFF THE EMAIL AND RECOVERIES. All of the pures have been cleaned as I've sold gold because I'm quiting them. The information about the pures are below their picture. Please post the offer form ! Account Number: Offer: : Anything else: Account 1: DT/MM/Mith Gloves & Everything else .. Account 2: DT/MM/ADDY GLOVES/42.2M Hunt XP & Everything else .. Account 3 MM/Biohazard and enough charms to get 52+ Summoning ..Runescape_king account pure shop [paypal,rsgp] ( 1 2)Gooday lads, i'm opening a brand new pure shop. More account will be added soon when they are ready. Will add dung pures soon. I'm accepting paypal and rsgp. Rsgp= 0.5$/m My accounts are not cheap because this is a one time sell only and not recovering the acc back after 2 weeks? I'm willing to use an omm or a very very trusted mm. All info will be giving. my : [email protected] my main shop: sythe/showthread.php?t=1188546 account #3: lvl 72 sol staker, 94 mage, 90 mining, perfect for staking or pking. A/W: 9$, 18m account #7: lvl 77, initiate pure. A/W: 7.5$ 15M account #16: amazing lvl 76 pure, 99ranged, 94 magic! A/W: 35$ 70m account #17: lvl 88 tanker, got 85 dung got all tokens left amazing starter tank. 93 ranged. A/W: 25$ 50m Quote: Originally Posted by 2332 HUUUUUGEE VOUCH FOR Runescape_king GOT ALL INFO, NICE GUY, VENT ALL SMOOT, I WENT FIRST, REALLY NICE ACCOUNT. Quote: Originally Posted by Woody25 Ty Rune_king got the account, and he stayed up late to sort all details out for me HUGE VOUCH for this dude! Quote: Originally Posted by Fourstar Huge vouch for Runescape_king :) Was very easy to deal with and i went first, and had 100% trust in him. He gave the info over easily and email change went fast and smooth! Hes a very nice guy. Thanks again Runescape_king! Quote: Originally Posted by von mual Vouch!!! This Man Is A Great Guy! I Went First And We Had Smooth Transation! 250 Bucks Well Spent!!! Thanks! King Of Runescape Is The Man! Quote: Originally Posted by versus Vouch for this guy! sold me an account for 75m, very trusted will trade with again! Quote: Originally Posted by tomc1992 vouch for runescape king bought acc 1 100% legit for now.. ty Quote: Originally Posted by N1ckluvn HUGE VOUCH he made the trade go easy, he went first. 13.75 dollar trade. Quote: Originally Posted by Lmfao_Pure HUGGEEE VOUCH FOR RUNESCAPE KING SOLD ME THE ACCOUNT TRADE WENT REALLY SMOOTHLY AND I WENT FIRST WILL DEFFINATELY WANT TO TRADE WITH HIM AGAIN Quote: Originally Posted by Goblin Stew Vouch, deal went nice and smoothly, 4mill for $2. Will look to buy off you again Quote: Originally Posted by Jimmyscape Big Vouch Bought An Acc Off Him I Went First Quote: Originally Posted by 023gecko023 big vouch for him we swapt acount and all went smooth nice guy to trade wit no rush just patient and helpfull thank u runescape king !! Quote: Originally Posted by Wafflesz Account #12 went smooth, didn't work out the way we had planned but we made it work HUGE VOUCH TO THE KING OF RUNESCAPE!
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