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    [RSGP]selling account lvl 96![rsgp]Hey everyone! I am actually new to this site, but atleast i found out that i can sell rs accs on here sooo.... that's what im going to do! Here are some pics of my acc. A/W: 13M RSGP I may accept rs accs, but they have to have atleast 5m on them! The account has no recoveries or email settings. It also has no bank because i am selling it for rsgp. (obviosly) EDIT: I POSTED THIS IN WRONG SECTION. love you...[RSGP] Starter Turmoil Pure [87 Prayer]Hey sythe, I'm looking to sell my starter turmoil pure so I can get some more gp for my pure. It's a decent account, but with an A/W of 30m it's a steal. My is [email protected], place all bids on this thread please before adding my . Also has a nice display name, pm me for it.[PP/RSGP] 94+6 Zerker Pure [RSGP/PP]Hello i'm Deivisz15 , selling my 94+6 CMB zerker pure. Quests done: Lunar diplomacy, recipe for disaster [rune gloves] , and other. Looking for not a high price , just feel free to offer and if you need my contacts , they under signature. Login screen: I'm real owner , and all the info i will give. Just today i have quited rs. E-mail no longer registered Edit: 2011-06-01 Picture: Stats: Bank: Quest points: Waiting for offersSelling starter turmoil pure 95 str|80 att | 84 dung!| RSGP| ( 1 2)ATTENTION: ALL TURM QUESTS ARE DONE NOW HAS CURSES - Looking to sell my initiate pure. - I only Accept RSGPAnd Wu. - It comes with most quests done, + most quests done for turmoil. - About 4-5 more quests until it has turmoil. - It can be 30 def with turmoil. - Has rune gloves, dagon hai robes, avas, DT, ext. - I am the original owner and will provide all details. - Starting bid: 30m - A/W: - Please post your offer and your . PicturesSelling turm pure 89 dung almost maxed rapier overloads{rsgp}Using OMM only you pay, Rsgp. post here and add me on my name is ihateniggerswhitepower(RSGP/WU)Lvl 75 rapier 90 hp pray 1 def pure!so the title says it. Im selling this awesome account with some bankworth with 5m. wont be going first. will go first for mods/extremly trusted etc. So here are the stats : Log in : and bank : if interested leave ur here with ur bid and ill get touch with u ![RSGP]Lvl 72+5 - 95range - 84str - 87mage - MM+DT+RFD[RSGP]Hey everybody I am here selling my pure. In this trade I would provde all information. Recovs + Email are enabled REMOVE WHEN I FIND A BUYER To make this quick here are some pics: Anyways lets keep it going... I would be willing to use OMM or MM your fees. A/w: Not Set Starting bid: 20mneed 99 smithing 99 mining acctother stats dont matter to me, post price here
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