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    Swapping 3 accounts for a good 1 def pure!! Includes a level 131 account! NEED OFFERS ( 1 2)Please, all three of these accounts are not needed by me anymore. I have been looking for a good 1 defence pure for a while and am willing to trade all three of these accounts!! I really need someone honest to trade with me I dont want to be scammed. Below are the three accounts offered for trade for just one good defence pure!! Account #1 Account #2 Account #3 Post offers on here or e-mail me at [email protected] All three of these accounts for just one good defence pure!! None of them have much wealth on them. PLEASE!! I NEED OFFERS!![RSGP/PP] Selling 68 Barrager! 50M+ bank! ( 1 2)I am selling the pure I started a few months ago, as I wanna play on my main again. It has the most important pure quests done: - Monkey Madness - Desert Treasure - Horror from the deep [full zammy book] Haven't done any RFD part. NEVER BOTTED ON THIS ACCOUNT The account has recovering question's and e-mail set. When you buy it I provide you all info (creating date, member pins, rec's, you can change email, internet connection etc..) I can also clean it's bank to to sell it for a lower price. Screens: Trading rules: - I wont go first - We use OMM - No 50/50 If you have questions, feel free to reply.[BUYING]Boxer worth $75 or less [PP]I'm looking to buy a boxer account - High Def and Att and mid Str. 1 Pray and Summ. PM me for .*RSGP* 2 Dds/Dscim Pures 1 Tanker 1 Main(7 99's) *NO SWAPS*I WILL NOT GO FIRST LEAVE NOW!! So i am selling my 4 accounts, i have no set a/w's on them. Both of my dds/dscim pures have Lost City and Monkey Madness completed. Pure 1- I do not know the recoverys. Pure 2- Sold for 30m to RiskofSTDs !! Starter Tank- Main- Email will be changed when trade is made. Please post here before adding me on !|rsgp|buying 1 Def Pure|90+str|90+range|90+magic|rsgp|I Pay In RSGP ONLY! ( OR IF IT HAS REALLY DECENT STATS,I MIGHT OFFER A MAXED TURMOIL ZERKER FOR IT IF U WANT A SWAP). Paying Up To 200M RSGP (Depends On STATS). Pure Requirements: 40-75 Atk 90+ Str 90+ Range 90+ Magic 1-20 Def (If Its 20, It HAS TO Have Rune Gloves+(What Lies Below) Quest Done. Has To Have Mith/Addy Gloves,Dt/Mm Done. If It Has High Dungeoneering I Will Pay More. Put Your Offers And Price,I Will Pm You!!Selling nice zerker 60att!!! 99wcing~!!!!! (pp)(rsgp)Hi im selling my 88cb zerker. This is a great account because its only got 60att along with 99 wcing!!!! great money maker. This account has void top (if anyone cares) Im looking for money with pp or rsgp you pick will not take swaps!!!!!! if you post for swap will be reported as spam. You will go first unless trusted. IN NO WAYWILL I PAY FOR OMM YOU WILL PAY FOR IT OR GO FIRST.All pp must be sent as gift. Post your and offer on here. Ask questions. The recoveries were set sunday last week so they are in effect till another 6 days ish. Have been offered 30usd by gold for rs but i want money now Mills/0.85$ this is a 5 hour bidding lowest i will take is 30usd or mill worth of 30usd cb/0 Sb/0 Aw/45 (just an auto win) Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usTwo accounts for sale [RSGP]Both accounts are basically cleaned, but they have good money making stats. RSGP only please. First account is something along the lines of a starter pker. Has DT done. s1181.photobucket/albums/...t=pk-stats.png starting bid 10m Second account is a starter main. could easily be turned into a zerker. s1181.photobucket/albums/...main-stats.png starting bid is 4m I know this is my first post, we can use a OMM.Selling Level 71 Pure Ranger 94 Range 44 Pray 1 Def ( 1 2)Canceled
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