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    [RSGP] Selling 74 Cb Pure | 99 Fishing | 91 Range | 94 Magic | 87 Str | Fully QuestedI am selling my pure because I do not want to play on it anymore I will not scam back. It has never been sold before. I canceled both recoveries and e-mail. Both are no longer active. It does not have a bank pin. Pics-- Stats pic: This pure is a very good hybrid, and it's tough to part with it, but I just really need the training money. I'm only selling for RSGP. I can provide you with ALL info to the account if needed. I've been scammed on this site once before, so either you go first, or we will use a MM. Post back if interested. The account has all pure quests done: MM, Addy gloves, Lost City, Dt, Animal Mag, etc. ==It is 74 combat== A/W: 50M Min: 35MSelling level 73 pure [1 Def]~100MGP$[99 Mage]99 Fish[Addy gloves]DT Done {PAYPAL}Selling level 73 pure The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. I might take an RSGP offer for the account without the wealth, but I'm kind of looking to just quit Runescape all together. Payment method: Paypal Gift A/W: 150$ Done important pure quests such as; Desert Treasure, Monkey Madness, Recipe For Disaster (Addy Gloves), and more. Trade method: I will not go first. If you wish to use an OMM, then you pay the fees and set up a time and date that will be a convenience to me (I work full-time all week). Rules & Others: Any fishy traders will just be ignored. Do not add me on without my permission. You MUST post on my wall before private messaging me. I don't put up with immature 14 year old bullshit, I'm looking to sell an account and make some money, not to be your boyfriend. People asking me to go first will be ignored without warning. Winning bidder receives the following: Full control of the account that is being bid upon, along with past and current account information. You'll receive information such as; first Transaction IDs, along with old passwords, and security questions and answers through a notepad DOC. link: 71 for sale rsgpbored of this acc please offer in rsgp. i54.tinypic/9qw5qe_th.png i54.tinypic/b694wx_th.png i55.tinypic/8ytg8i_th.jpg it has recovery questoin but i do not know them. i bought this account from a freind about 6 months ago and i guarantee that it will not be recoverred. as for the email adress registered i will be getting rid of it.:::..:::..::: Selling beast 99 Ranged pure :::..:::..:::A/W is 60M RSGP! Add me on : [[email protected]][rsgp]sellling Gmaul Pures1118.photobucket/albums/...sellingacc.png s1118.photobucket/albums/...gginin fo.png s1118.photobucket/albums/...ankwort h.png 1: Stats 2: Info of security 3: Bank worth (not alot) looking for 10m-15m cash In RUNESCAPE email me @ [email protected] (edit)16m auto-win btw (edit#2) never botted at all and 30 qpsSelling account [ RSGP]Im selling a lvl 95 with 83 str, 75 attk, and 75 def Im selling the account because i use my main and i just got hacked lost 8 . : / I am the owner and doese not scam or hack :) You dont need to trust me but dont i really dont hack or scam im not a 5yr old looking for a whole bunch of cash. Im really looking for a good offer nothing over the top some where between 8-20. Recovs been canceled, not registered anymore dont mind the pic, and no bank pin. Account is good for minigames and pking. Here are some pics: No recovs and registered but is changed: tinypic/view.php?pic=f4lq4l&s=7 His stats and skills: tinypic/view.php?pic=xnz0r9&s=7Zerker 99Fish/Cook 89/mining/90smithHello guys, I am selling my Zerker. The pictures down here will tell you a bit more of it. [Picture Stats] [Quests] [Picture Bank] [Picture no Recoverys,E-mail,...] I am selling it for Real life cash or RuneScape Money. Real Money will be done trough paypal. I am willing to do 50/50 or we will use an OFFICIAL MM if you pay the fees! I do not use 'trusted' MMs, Officials only! You contact me on : [[email protected]]Lv 97 Rapier Fcape Stream B gloves [RSGP] ( 1 2)Hey sythe Im here today to sell one of my accounts I am not the original owner of the account - The account was given to me by one of my friends over a year ago while it was banned. The account was permanently banned for bug abuse and recently was re-instated with by Banned Account Reinstatement thread. Ever since it was unbanned - all of the stats have been halved.I have all of the information about the account The account has tons of holiday items starting from 2006. The account is a combat based account meaning that it's good for pking and staking. And has some of the best equipment available in the game! Here are pictures: The account has the ancient magics spell book and lunar magics spellbook unlocked even though it statistically doesn't have the requirements to do it. This is because the quests were done before the account was banned and then the stats got halfed. Payment: The only type of payment method i'll be taking right now is RSGP I'd like for people to offer on the account I have an autowin set at 55M RSGP So bid away! The reason I value this account so much is because currently people in the skill training section charge $150 + (Which equals up to 250M+) for 1-80 dungeoneering including tokens. The account has 81 dungeoneering, a chaotic rapier, and an arcane stream necklace which makes the account worth something I'd like for you to go first (I know its unlikely since I have one vouch) or we can use a at your expense I will go first to extremely trusted people or staff of course. If you'd like to contact me please either pm me or reach me at [email protected]
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