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    | SkateDgk's Account Shop | Turmoil pure | Maxed Boxer | 3+ Frost Dragon bots + MORE|SkateDgk's Account shop Rules + Info: - I came to sythe to get rid of some un-used accounts. - I will not be going first. - I am open to using a MM. - I ONLY accept RSGP as of right now. - The accounts have an email set but they will be removed. - Please do not spam the thread. - Please do not offer under the starting bid. - Please post offer + and i will add you. Accounts: Account #1 - Frost dragon account. - Done Dwarf Cannon. - Has enough charms for 52+ summoning. - Ready to bot. - Starting bid: 35m - A/W: Unknown. Account #2 - Frost Dragon account. - 66 just about 67 summoning. - Done dwarf cannon. - Ready to bot. - Starting bid: 35m. - A/w: Unknown. Account #3: - Frost dragon account. - Done dwarf cannon. - Enough charms for 52+ summon. - Starting bid: 35m - Asking price: Unknown Account #4: - Maxed starter main, perfect for boxing. - Has rune gloves. - Has veng + dt done + more quests. - Starting bid: 35m - Asking price: Unknown. Account #5 - Turmoil Barrows pure. - Fully quested (Dragon gloves, spirit shield ext) - Has turmoil, has a rapier. - Has 93 dung. - Starting bid: 70m - Asking price: Unknown.[Trusted 55+ Vouches] Selling Beast Turmoil Zerker! Great Pker! ( 1 2)resold to liam.SELLING insane quested ZERK! 60/91/45/93It's all in the pictures. First one with 30m gets itSelling Amazing Level 91.Selling A Level 91, 39 Defence , Overloads, Extremes, Chaotics, 40k Off Another Chaotic Will Give Autofighter,Rsbuddy IDung Pro, And Sw Bot. Asking For Like $25.00 USD For This Account Please Post To This.Staker For 10m Check This [email protected] USSING MM,NOT SETTED ANY INFO![RsGp ONLY] Selling lvl 85 fully quested 20 def chaotic pure 89 dungI am selling my 20 def chaotic pure to fund my tank ranger pure i do not play this char anymore. It has Chaotic Rapier Chaotic Maul Ring of Vigor, Full Zammy book Rune gloves DT MM FULLY QUESTED all rfd done with 89 Dungineering I WILL NOT GO FIRST we will either use a OMM AT YOUR EXPENSE or you will go first HAS NO RECOVS SET. Unregistered email. is not a email login was made in 2007 No blackmarks. RSGP only i am trying to fund another pure Bids will start at MINIMUM 20m Autowin will be 100m [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Please no lowball offer WILL NOT TAKE SWAPS OR PAYPAL DONT ASK SCAMMERS GTFO i wont fall for itSelling Nearly Maxed Ags Pure ! Rich[180M+]hey , so im selling my account ive worked on for AWHILE lOl , account has over 180m in item's and cash i only have some items in my inv lots of rune set's pots and pking supplies in bank , account has 30k chins on it suffecient for 95range or so , account DOES have recoveries but this is only for serious inquiries only will do recovery method with OMM if u pay fee's otherwise u can go first , firstoff i am not accepting account trades OR GP unless it is ALOT ! as ea 1M is like 1.70$/M ? wich would be a neusance to sell , i will start the bidding at 250$! CDN , i live in canada i prefer if someone is going to buy the account to contact me by phone when ready to purchase the account vise versa ... u can contact me by email , i am never on lol .. my email is [email protected] , u can try adding me on i might go on my BB while the account is up for sale , the account has no blackmarks or mute's , Thanks and happy bidding !level 79 40 def pure,fire cape,99 minning,94 mage,rune gloves--10m rsgp---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- selling my level 79 40 def pure with 99 minning 94 mage with lunars also rune gloves for 10m rsgp stats: i1218.photobucket/albums/...j511/rsacc.jpg items: i1218.photobucket/albums/...511/rsacc2.jpg quests: i1218.photobucket/albums/...511/rsacc1.jpg : ibenxi : [email protected]
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