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    [RSGP] Selling MAXED 1 DEF PURE, 60-99-1-99-52-99, and 99 HP, WC ( 1 2)Selling my first ever pure made, i am not the original owner but i have all of the creation details to the account. I will be only accepting RSGP for this account, as i have given up pking and wanted to put all money i can get towards a new staking account. Please do not offer accounts or any other methods. If you have paypal you could buy the RSGP from a trusted gold seller if you would like. If you have any further questions please add my : [email protected] A/W for this account is 200m, i put alot of time and hard work into this account, and if offers dont reach their potential, i will not sell the account then. Thanky you for taking your time to read this and good luck bidding. OFFENCES-Buying boxing pure [pp]I am looking for a boxing pure. must be 1 prayer and 1 summ. must not have any recoveries set must not have email set Atleast 60-60-60 and no SW prods, post here with a pic and how much you want for it i will not add you on unless you post on here first P.S. if your trying to scam me by selling me the account and then waiting a month and hacking it back, i will tell you in advance this account will not have any money on it ever after each time i use it i will take all the money of and put it back on my main or one of my other pures.Need quick cash by today - Selling Str pure for $30.00USDI am selling a pure with 99 Str, 60 attack, 1 def, 95 HP, 50 magic, 50 Range, 1 prayer, 1 summoning w/ lost city complete for $30.00USD... I would prefer if the buyer went first because I have lost 40M so far from scammers... add me on if you're interested I need to sell it quickly [email protected] Screenshots :[RSGP] Mage Pure[94Mage, 99Firemaking]Hello Sythe Selling this EPIC mage pure for 15M A/W Email will be set to yours at the trade and ill do 50/50 50 for me first then you set new recoveries and pw and email i dont know the current email or recoveries soz :l once those few things are set then we'd trade the other 50 Pics Below[SWAP] Swapping thise 115 cb main for a 1, 20, 30, or 45 def pure [SWAP]i will remove recoveries when i find a person who will swap. it has up to rune gloves, desert treasure,lunar,mm,isles/trials and other quests i dont feel like typingBuying a pure, spending 20MPost your account here i will not pay over 20M so dont ask. add me on after you have posted : [email protected] a decent pure $25 Paypal.Title says it all. Leave picture of stats below, a price, and your .Selling lv 87 main!!!Hey, I am looking to sell this account because I am quitting Runescape because I need to focus on school. Unfortunately, this account doesn't have any cash or notable items on it, but it does have some decent stats. No recoveries or email, the account is level 87. If your interested, reply or PM me and i will add you on . I know this account isn't worth that much, but i'm looking to get a little money out of it. Login: Stats: Combat: Some items it has:
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