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    40atk|95str|1def|85mageSelling this nice FTP pker.. offer up. LEVEL: 66 [rsgp/swaps for pures] TERMS: -You will go first -We do 50/50 -We get OMM+recovery test [you pay fees]Selling Good Zerker 1hour Auction!trying to sell my berserker pure because i have no need for it i will be accepting rsgp and rsgp only trying to sell it under a hour so bid away. add my [email protected] A/W= 65m [/quote][RSGP] Selling an epic staking Zerker with 1 prayer, even has RSC access![RSGP]Hey there. I'm selling my very old staker, it was made in Runescape classic and still has access to the game (with membership). The account is level 75 cmb. stats are 60 attack, 85 str, 45 def, and 1 prayer/summ. The account comes with a fighter torso and rune defender! Has monkey madness, along with other quests done. I am the original and ONLY owner of this account. This account has NEVER been botted on. This account has 0 blackmarks, and has never had an offence. The account has recover questions, but I will give you all of the information etc. Pics. BID AWAY!inititate pure, boxer, mainHello sythe, im selling all my runescaape accounts cus i quit i no longer want anything to do with the dumbass game... so these are gonna go at a VERY fair price... [email protected] heres the boxer log in stats wealth initiate pure! log in stats wealth quests MAIN!! log in stats wealth This may look like crap, but it took me a long time.. so please dont flame it and add me on if your interested [email protected] [email protected] 93, 91 Range/70 defHello Sythe! BigBlockV8 Coming to the 60-99 section for once, I have a lv93 with 91 Range, 70 def for sale. Looking for RSGP ONLY. Note: Email will be switched upon finding a serious buyer. Login: Stats: Nothing too special in the bank. Add me on to discuss, or simply post here/Send me a PM.Selling PRO 66 Addy Gloves ! [PayPal]Everything will be in bank as i'm quitting. STATS Give me offers ! is in sig....Only add if you post on here 1st. Thx *Also i will only go 1st to TRUSTED members! Otherwise you may go 1st thxMust Go In 1 Hour!!!!!!!!!!!!! [paypal,rsgp] ( 1 2)I KNOW THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT SECTION BUT I AM POSTING IT HERE BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED IN CHAOTIC PURES AND THIS IS A STARTER FOR IT I ACCEPT PAYPAL GIFT OR RSGP I Will Not Go First Unless You Are Trusted. We Use An Omm At Your Expense If You Are Not Trusted And Don't Want To Go First I'm Happy To Do A Recovery Check With An Omm At Your Expense HIGHEST BIDDER IN 1 HOUR TAKES IT THAT BE 50CENT,50GP OR 50$,50M GOOONNEE, SOLD IT TO AUS AAZ FOR 23M RSGP I AM THE ORIGINAL AND ONLY OWNER OF THIS ACCOUNT. IT HAS AN E-MAIL LOG IN. ITS NEVER BEEN MEMBER. IT HAS NO RECOVERIES. IT HAS NO E-MAIL. IT HAS NO BLACKMARKS AND I DIDN'T FIND IT NECESSARY TO POST A PIC OF IT NOW ABOUT THE CHARACTER ITSELF: IT HAS ALL THE FREE QUESTS DONE EXCEPT DEFENCE XP GIVING QUESTS WHICH ARE: DRAGON SLAYER AND BLOOD PACT(GIVES 100DEFXP SO IT WILL GET YOU TO LVL 2 LOL) NO WEALTH IN BANK SO THERE IS NO NEED TO POST A PIC OF BANK NEITHER COMBAT:43 ATK :30 STR :61 DEF :1 HP :54 MAGE :58 RANGE:50 PRAY :2(FROM THE RESTLESS GHOST QUEST DUNG:70 (71158 TOKENS) PICTURES: LOGIN: STATS AND TOKENS: QUESTS: POST YOUR OFFER HERE OR PM ME[RSGP] 1 Def | 80 Str | FULLY QUESTED | 90 MAGEHello Thanks for taking an interest. Heres a Screenshot of some of the stuff you're interested in. It's got all 1 Def Pure Quests done Including Elemental workshop 2 (Mind Body) Adventure log (SKO PUNISHER) It HAS got member for another 15 days. It CAN HAVE A NAME CHANGE. My is: [email protected] Talk on there.
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