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    [BUYING] 1 def Mage/Range/Melee PureHey. I am looking to buy a 1 def pure around 70 - 85 cmb. Ideal stats: 60 - 70 Attack 95 - 99 Str 95 - 99 Mage 90 - 99 Range 0 - 52 Prayer and 1 defence ofcourse. DO NOT EVEN BOTHER POSTING HERE UNLESS YOU ARE VOUCHED AND ARE WILLING TO VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY. PAYMENT METHOD: PAYPAL OR WIRE TRANSFER. I MAY WANT TO USE AN OMM. : [email protected] THANKS.buying a 1 def pure with pp maybe rsgp ( 1 2 3)hey, looking to buy a 1 def pure, all or most of the usual quests done, and fairly good non cb stats can pay with pp or maybe rsgp depending on the price. i'll go first if ur trusted otherwise i'll probably have to go first because im new :p[RSGP] Selling Two Accounts! [PP] ( 1 2)Hey there, it's 7error here with 2 accounts to sell! Let's cut the bullshit and let me show you the accounts. USE THE FOLLOWING FORM: Quote: Account number?: Payment option?: What is your offer? ?: Account #1: •Barrows Gloves! •42 Defence! (ALL QUESTED!) •180+ Quest Points! •Lunars, DT, Hand Cannon! Account #2: •74 Mining! •65 Farming! •Mithril Gloves! •Most Pure quests done!Sexy HandcannonerSUP! BADASS ACCOUNT HERE! HAND CANNON PRODIGY! NEW CONTACT. [email protected] Add me to discuss. A/W 40M 80 RNG! 51 HP! 26 PRAY! *25 DEF!* 100% QUESTED! >>>COMBAT LEVEL 61BEAST< OFFER AWAY! LOOK AT DEEZ SEXY PHOTOS! RSGP/PAYPAL! SEXY NAME ASWELL ADD MY - ima.ratard IF YOU DONT HAVE PM ME AND WE CAN FIGURE IT OUT.Selling Staker - Level 92 - 1 Summoning & PrayerHey guys , I will be selling my staker and see if there are any reasonable offers. I still have the email and recoverys registered but after I get a offer I'll remove them. I Highly sugggest using a MM or a OMM , your expenses. I ALWAYS Video Record my Trades. We can do a recovery test as well. I will give you the all the information eg. When it was created , the latest membership bought with it , Postal Andress ALL documented on Word. If you don't have Word I can put it on a notepad if you wish or send it via online. I only accept RSPG Contacts - - Thomas.truong5 - [email protected] or PM for my irl if I'm not on [email protected] Level 62 (30defence+Firecape)Combat. Stats. Log In. (Giving All Info Once Bought) A/W:30Mil Feel Free To Post Offers. Hit me up in :[email protected](rsgp) level 75 pure! ok stats! (rsgp)so im looking to sell this acc i made a few months ago. no a/w set.. please just offer.. let the pictures say the rest login: Uploaded with stats: Uploaded with and yeah.. it has dt/mm/lostcity done. please offer![RSGP or PP]Lvl 63 pure 80 str, 60 att, 1 def, 70 hpI am accepting offers in rsgp or $ either leave offer bellow or pm me if interested "] Lvl 63 pure 80 str, 60 att, 1 def, 70 hp, 57 fish tinypic/r/121d17n/7
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