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    Wtb Good/max PureBuying A 1 def pure, preferably Maxed. Lvl 70-82 with at least 50/90+/90+/82+ pray must be 1-52 and preferably fully quested. Does not need to have any RSGP on it. More bonus items such as fire cape and anchor etc will mean more money. Spending anywhere from 100-300M.selling beast boxerokay well ill keep it short just offer no crap offers here is the picsSelling level 99str 60 attack [email protected] check statsHey guys just selling this pure i made the other week Please post offers and be nice few quests done 78 combat ausome staker 81 mineing, 74 magic 71 woodcutt 88hp 99 strength are the best stats and i just feel like showing you guys my main feel free to comment a post on him NOTE: onlying accepting rsgp, sorry!Buying Pures/Zerker's!!!Well got 1 pure for my buddy already so in need for a last one. Seeking for a GOOOOOD pure. looking for pure with 60attack 90+ range 90+mage 90+str 43- prayer Will use a OMM, can do RSGP OR paypal. post ur char stats/thread and ur with it, ill pm u if im interested in it-rsgp- pure/tank/main for sale -rsgp-ONLY TAKING RSGP offer for each account ,no autowin just what i seem trustworthy and reasonable i will eccept. 107/112 main--barrow gloves, smoking kills, ect 83 tank --- dt/mm/ 70 pure---addy gloves-- dt-- [email protected] offer away, thank you[PAYPAL] Selling level 76 NEAR MAXED Pure (FOUR 99's)(DT/MM/ADDY GLOVES)NO SWAPS!!!! HEAR ME, NO SWAPS!!!!!!!! SCAMMERS AND SPAMMERS BEWARE: I AM SMARTER THAN YOU. I WILL REPORT YOU. BIDS(Will accept RSGP): S/b: none A/w: None Leading: n/a You'll be bidding for THIS EPIC PURE! FULLY QUESTED ATTACK/PRAY. MM/DT DONE!!! Stats/wealth: Quests: WE WILL BE USING AN OMM or YOU GO FIRST. NO EXCEPTIONS DIRECT LINKS TO IMAGES BELOW: Stats: i54.tinypic/25h0ac5.png Quests: i56.tinypic/ogf0r4.png My is [email protected] Please post your on this thread or else I WILL NOT ADD YOU.(PayPal/RSGP)Lvl 97 Rune Pure | Fire Cape | 97 Fish | 91 Wc | 99 Fletch | 92 StrengthHey I'm selling my rune pure for RSGP. I am willing to use a VMM at your expense. Post offers below or add me at [email protected] A/W = 50M Bank + Stats: Email + Recoveries: Bans + Mutes: I will NOT for first under any circumstances[RSGP] Amazing Staker with rapier&80 dungThis account was trained by me in February for free trade. I amassed a profit of over 300M staking on it before I went on hiatus and sold all my rsgp. I need to start fresh and I might as well sell this account. We will use a or an OMM to your discretion. This account does have an email attached to it but i will change it during the transaction. : [email protected] I have vouches here and I have sold over 2000M+ GP, so don't even bother trying to scam.
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