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    buying hand cannonerbuying hc pure or tank voider doesnt matter show me what u got my is [email protected][PP] Looking to buy sick range/g mauler !!! [PP]Looking to buy a good 50 att 85+ str 13 or lower prayer and 70+ range pure must be 1 def, i will be using paypal and i wont go first unless you are trusted, please post below the acc's.73cb 60/85/30 DDS Staker For Sale!!!Only accepting RSGP. I know, I'm new here and only have 1 vouch, but that vouch will come into play a little later. I'm clearing all my accounts of cash, and selling them on here to fund my main, since I just got introduced to bossing. I will go first if need be, no problem, since I'm brand new here. HP isn't SW'ed yet, but if it was, the price on the pure would sky rocket. Only want 7m for him. Stats: Login: Now, as for the "Pending Confirmation" on the E-Mail. This account was made after November of last year, so it had to have an E-Mail name. The E-Mail is included in the trade. You give me the money once you've done everything necessary to make it secure. I ran into the same problem with the other account I sold. It had the same thing, and he thought I was trying to scam him, but I told him to look into the , and there it was. You can verify it, change it, whatever you want to do with it. But, if you need to, feel free to PM him and have him explain why the "Pending Confirmation" is on there. Also. If you are willing to pay 8m, I'm willing to throw in this Starter Zerker Pure: sythe/showthread.php?t=1196202 for just 1m more! Vouch is in sig! Thanks!level 64 pure for only 15mam selling a hybrid pure for only 15m i just wanna get rid of it. stats 60 att 66 str 78 range 87 mage 65 hp 45 pray done dt mm and it has 40qps takeing about 15m for it trusted u can pay for omm and iam orignal owner. ADD MY OR [email protected] fizztedlevel 77 81 dung stakerstats are 76att 50str 74def 71hp 81dung-230k tokkens will do recovery test and prove im owner in game add my fizzted or my [email protected] a 1 def pure [pp]I am buying a 1 def pure. The account must have: 50-60 att 75-95 str 1 def no more, 80-94 Mage 80-95 range 1-52 prayer. Also must have 1.2k+total lvl and have done mm,dt, horror from the deep, and all the other pure quests. Non cb stats r just as important as cb stats to me. ThanksSelling lvl 79 tank - 93 range - Void - 26 pray - Hand Cannon!Hello i'm selling an old project, my HC voider. It has void l/body/mage helm. Just needs gloves and range helm agian. Can wield a Hand Cannon! Is the perfect start range tank, combat level is 79 has a hand cannon and almost full range void. Not sure on the a/w just offer in RSGP.Selling Level 58 [medium Complete Pure] 85 Mage TbHey. I have an account. 50 att 67 str 4 def .. p>
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